Givaudan 10k

So having decided I’d not  increased my mileage sufficiently to attempt the race on Sunday, Jogblog contacted me at work and after saying I wasn’t doing it if she wasn’t (a bluff calling exercise I thought was foolproof owing to her not training enough lately, but don’t tell her that!), a return e-mail stated she’d bought two entries.


So my planned run this evening after work turned into a non event after a late cable pulling gang scuppered my enthusiasm and it wasn’t until 8.20 that I shuffled out the door. Having tried to guess an Audiofuel speed that might get me around the course (a couple of slight slopes, me not having gone beyond 4.5 miles since the fracture, not having settled into a tidy rhythm in my stride yet), I decided tonight was to be a guess at a pace that might get me around in one piece and not slower than 50 minutes. 160bpm was both selected and attempted.

Well, it’s not perfect.  I averaged 7.33 for the 4 miles I did, but the times indicate a struggle. Each quarter mile split pace was plus or minus 10 seconds on the average, indicating I wasn’t comfortable with the cadence. I know the slopes changed things and it was late and I was tired (list of excuses number 34 coming up next time!) but 6.2 miles doesn’t seem sensible at such a pace this early into running.

So I’m going to try a short blast at 155bpm and see how I feel on the day. If really good, 160 might do. If not, it’ll be slower. I can always turn the faster one off for the up-hills, I guess…

Excited about a race, though. Oh, yes. Now I’m in and my self preservation gene can be switched off (or at least suppressed for 45 minutes!) I’m very excited. It’s been a while.


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