Two parts

With the plan to run with the boys from work on Mondays and Thursdays, I had hoped to go out on Saturday for a slightly longer outing to prepare for Grim. Decorating got the better of me again, however, and the day was gone before running came about. But a plan was hatched in the pub to run to the long advertised “flea market” in the neibouring village of Bromley Green to make a two part outing and increase the mileage at the same time.

It almost went to plan.

About 11 o’clock saw the donning of shorts and long sleeved top but, as I went into the garage to get Cathy’s bike, it started pelting with rain, so some caulking was done before another attempt was taken.

The run out was via the most direct route to the village. Neither of us remembered seeing the village hall despite several of my marathon training runs being through the village, but I wondered if the derelict building by the slide was in fact it. This being the most distant bit of the village, I guessed it might be but the other route was going to be much longer, so I opted for the ugly direct route out of hope my legs wouldn’t break again.

Well, we found it to be the derelict building. Boarded up windows and all. As well as four (count them…1. 2. 3. 4.) tables of utter shite.

Fleas would have been a massive improvement, as Cathy posted on Facebook about an hour later. Maybe the flyers in fact read “Flee Market” as an instruction rather than an invitation. Of the 4 tables, so poor were the contents that one of the tables didn’t even warrant a looking at.

Still, it was all good for the run since it meant I was back en-route without getting too cold.

With light drizzle occasionally falling, a quick deliberation lead to a “the long route’s prettier” statement and a decision to make a loop rather than an out and back. The longer route is on my favourite road, so it didn’t take much thumb twisting to go for it. But by the second mile, I was wondering how sensible it was since I was well on the way to the longest run since my injury.

A slow first mile lead to a slight increase in pace before I settled into counting down the tenths to home. All went well despite a worry of increased leg pain as I crossed the bypass and I even put in a sprint towards the end resulting in one of Garmin’s favourite “fastest moment” statements of 5.07 for about 20 yards. The avarage of 7.52 pace for what turned out to be 7.34 miles was surprisingly easy and I’m already looking forward to tomorrow and 2 miles with the boys.

Maybe my legs are recovering better than I could have hoped for after all.

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