Thursday is the day for hill repeats – despite the hill having no lighting, it being dark, and the wind gusting to 40mph on site…directly into our faces during the run.

I wasn’t enjoying it tonight, couldn’t get my breath, wasn’t recovering very well down the hill and the struggle just to make forward progress into the gale was enough without the slope.

But it’s these runs which make a difference, I guess.

It was compounded by slowing the downhills to stay with the boys when they went for it on the last 50m repeat and I simply couldn’t be arsed…so despite my prediction that they’d beat me in a month, it’s taken just a week. I could seek excuses in my extra 7 mile run on Sunday plus it being my decision not to race the last leg owing to that strange mental click that tells you not to race when in fact it’s what training and being out there is for, but the same excuses could probably be used by them (well, except for the 7 mile jog).

I’m simply a slow old man.

But happy that the hill is there and will continue to challenge me and improve my capacity, even if not my overall distance.

But not into another gale, please…that wasn’t good!


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