Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Guided by Garmin

Today felt like one of those days when I wouldn’t get around to running. Igot up early, painted the porch and toilet, received the bits for the bike I needed to finish building it from our orange legged, shorts wearing postman and scurried into the garage to set about completing the assembly process.

This made for a late lunch followed by a quick tweaking session before a mile out on the cycle to test it worked, adjusting cables and stuff as I went, which morphed into a small session finishing and tidying things on it. Including putting the handlebar tape on the wrong way around so it’ll probably peel off on the first proper ride/the first time it gets wet. Knew I’d forget something about how to assemble a road bike in the 20 odd years since I last bothered with one!

Cathy was little encouragement…she’s been building the new Janathon website like a girl on a mission and very good it looks, too, but for running encouragement, statements along the lines of “Go away, fatty, I’m busy!” rarely spur me on to go for a plod.

Still, something happened because at 4.15, I was headed out the door for a planned 7 miles. I was simply going to use the bypass as an out and back route but turned left instead and ran along until a set of traffic lights was against me, so I turned off towards Singleton where I ran until I ran out of path, so I turned right and ran until I was nearly on the other bypass whereupon I turned left and up Singleton Hill before running out of path again and turning into a cul-de-sac that had a little path at the end, where again I climbed until I got to a true dead-end at the Environment Centre…happily at 3.4 miles so close enough to turn around and allow for a loop at the end to make up the distance.

The beauty of the Garmin is to be able to vary the route mid-run, not relying on pre-determined routes should plans change. The ability to monitor pace against mileage on the uphills is even better and I was a happy boy to be sailing down towards the main roads, gaining time over target with every stride.

It was, overall, a decent run. A cheery hello to a security guard on another partly built Ashford housing estate broke things up while I wasn’t scaring chav girls by saying excuse me where their “random motion of a molecule” walking put the two of them in all parts of a narrow path at once, forcing me to stop. I didn’t think the answer should have included many, many swearwords as they made space for me, but apparently “fucking bollocks, I nearly shit myself then!” is the young female Ashford teenager version of “but of course! And a good afternoon to you.”

It started to rain just as I got into the last quarter mile to the house, which caused mutterings of perfect timings, and a sprint to the door caused the Garmin to plot a fastest moment of 5.52, just to add some variety to the pace. The shin fracture site ached a bit through miles one and two but seems clear at all other times at the moment, so hopefully my short runs in the week aren’t doing it any harm. I forgot to blog Thursday’s outing, but it was 2.5 miles, included a 6.27 mile when I decided to get my head down and go for it, and felt really good to stretch the legs for a longer sprint. Michael at work is still going to piss on me when he comes for his first race, but at least I think I’ll be able to make him sweat a bit for his victory!

Roll on Grim.