Fully clothed

I had another day in Maidstone today but didn’t think I’d be bothered to take the running kit and would come out when I got home. This seemed to make some kind of sense when I combined the thought with the occurrences of yesterday evening.

It ran along the lines of:

Cathy went out for a beer and to see a band in London. Cathy got off the train sometime after 1 o’clock this morning. Cathy got on her pedal cycle in front of a petrol station. Where there are typically a couple of police patrol cars having a coffee while on shift. Last night was no exception. Cathy promptly fell off her bike in front of the kindly officers. Cathy arranged for them to a) lock her bike up for her and b) give her a lift home. Cathy was rather full of herself when she got in.

I, meanwhile, having had to disconnect half the upstairs lighting circuit at 11.15pm, following a failure of a lamp that turned into a fitting that turned into worry that when Cathy came in it would turn into a spark, fire and worse so had to be removed and made safe, was simply disturbed from about 1.15 until 2.15 and awoke at 6 after a rough night being kneed in the back by a fidgeting, overexcited girlfriend all night simply had to stay awake in a safety course. And suspected that Cathy wouldn’t be arsed to go and get her bike herself, leaving me a combined run and cycle outing to get it for her.

I must be fucking psychic!

So I set off to collect her bike (only 2 miles away) and intended to divert to a certain DIY warehouse on the way back to pick up a new light. And found myself wondering what to wear to carry out both tasks in the correct clothing. And made the odd decision that I’d be better off dressing for the shop. And set off in jeans, t-shirt, painting shirt (that used to be a pub shirt as all decorating shirts once were!), woolly hat and running trainers.

And didn’t regret it at all! The pace was easy since my leg is hurting a bit at the moment but the roll along the two miles went well, I got there a bit warmer than usual, but was dressed for the shopping and cycling to perfection and completed all tasks faultlessy.

I might even start a blog section for unconventional dress during a run. After all, my highest finish in an event (I hesistate to say race) was 5th at the Dagenham Santathon a couple of years ago with an average pace of 6.58 in full Santa outfit, beard and hat.

Maybe Juneathon in jeans for next year.

Ah, but there’s Janathon to get through first…and I expect anyone reading to join up! A festival of winter runs and cross training combined with statements that treadmill running doesn’t count. Well, it does, but mileage is clocked on Pedometer or Garmin, so will be zero, so is pretty pointless really. Perfect, I think!

I’m looking forward to it already…

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