Had a bit of a lazy week from running and, to be fair, shouldn’t have done and am feeling it now.

I didn’t fancy hauling myself out whenever the timing was right, so simply didn’t. And should have run yesterday but decided to finish the porch and visit a friend to run the new pushbike in before upping the mileage and discovering something badly wrong when miles from home.

Still, everything came together today and following a morning of doing bits on the house I popped out for 10ish miles on the bike after lunch on the local lanes to reaffirm that a) racers are harsh over bumpy back lanes; b) they still require a fair effort to go fast despite rolling quicker than mountainbikes ever will for the same effort and c) they’re bloody uncomfortable on an arse used to 6 inches of rear travel coupled to wheelies, hops, jumps and playing instead of driving forwards throughout a ride.

It was good, though, and shall be often repeated over the coming years, I think.

This was followed by a visit to the shops for provisions and a change into winter running attire for the jog out and about that has been overdue for a while.

Again, darkness was the worrying factor for the lanes (especially since my attire of choice was black longsleeve top, black leggings and a black hat) so when I decided I couldn’t be arsed to wait for the traffic on the main road and instead set off in the direction of dark, unlit countryside, I was wondering about my impatient folly.

Wasn’t a problem, though. Since Grim is the focus, occasional slips on verges and stuff to dodge traffic seemed thoroughly in keeping with protocol and after two miles I looped onto lit pathways again before looping around the still being built housing estate on the far side of the bypass, looping back and around the local estate before looping out away from home to take the mileage just over 6. I felt knackered and weak at 3 miles, so was surprised when I turned from home despite myself but, along with keeping the pace slow, decided it was punishment for being lazy through the week.

Can’t get away with excuses for not running and expect to reduce an ever expanding wasitline as well as get quicker, fitter and healthier, now can I? I had enough reason for not doing stuff with the broken leg – it’s time to make amends and keep some personal promises now, I reckon. So I shall.

And while it’s fresh, anyone who doesn’t know about it, get over to the Janathon site and sign up.

What better motivation to be an idiot in the upcoming ice, snow, wind, rain, cold, dark and murky months than exercising, blogging, failing to win (proper prizes and everything…) and no mention of me being independant adjudicator, so as many fools idiots mugs as may fancy their chances can take part and it won’t upset my day one bit!

Go on, you know you want to…

2 responses to “Flogged

  1. Good luck with the Janathon challenge. I face much the same problem trying to find routes in the evening that are safe enough to run.

  2. Good luck with the Janathon! I remember running in the middle of the road last January, when the snow was too deep to run anywhere else. In Cornwall! I just hope we’re getting all the really bad weather out of the way now!

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