Didn’t want to

The weekend passed by in a blur of not really being arsed to go for a run since the cancelling of Grim what with the snow on Saturday being flushed away by the incessant rain, followed by cold on Sunday that encouraged me to continue making my shed frame instead of being an athlete.

But guilt is a wonderful thing.

Last night, while exercising in the conservatory (which was a fantastic 5 degrees, but is also the only room in the house with a high enough ceiling to allow the lifting of weights above even my low level head), I decided that it wasn’t toooooo cold, as long as I kept circuit pace up between press-ups, sit-ups and weights so there was no reason not to run in the cold just because I’ve no marathon to train for as long as I keep the speed up.

Shame is, I feel slightly unfit at the moment and speed isn’t easy to keep up.

Tonight, my intention was to run straight after work. But a late meeting put paid to that, along with a despair at having been cold for 10 hours. So I got in the car, turned the heater up, got home, did wood cutting duties, ate dinner and then went out.

Audiofuel at 170bpm was my running partner, 2.5 miles at 7.15 average pace was my achievement and a bloke in shorts and a vest in the opposite direction as I ran in a hat, gloves, fleece, long sleeved top, tee shirt, tights and shorts made me feel guilty for overdressing. But I like to get warmed up on a short run. And it wasn’t until half a mile from home that I felt overdressed. So there.

Run done. See you Wednesday.


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