Two weeks ago I had this winter’s first real dose of the little foot abusing ulcers we know as chillblains. Working on a building  site, I’ve become accustomed to getting my footwear wrong a few times each year and getting a small dose of the pain but this year I seem to have caught myself out badly and in the car on the way to see Bobby Conn two weeks ago in Brixton, I kept wincing off the accelerator, so bad were the stabbing pains through my toes.

I half sorted that set of blighters but last week saw the snow coupled with steel toecaps and steel midsoles which is always a recipe for chilly disaster when stuck out in it for ages (problem number one with being a manager, I guess…at least the workers get to keep moving and thus a little bit warm – using a pen doesn’t heat the feet!).

Again this week, I have large pain issues. All the cream and preventative measures I seem to be taking now appears to helping not a jot.

Which made getting out of the door this evening more of a mental hassle than normal on a sub-zero degree evening. I elected to do a slightly longer loop than Monday but with the same 170bpm Audiofuel tracks motivating me to keep my (somewhat pained…did I mention that?!) feet to the beat.

Somehow the first mile felt good, even allowing me to stretch my stride a bit while keeping pace with the tempo. Unfortunately, this was largely due to a following wind assisting things and the second half of the second mile showed true form, coupled with stopping twice to cross roads, with the pace back to my normal sedate style and leisurely breathing returning for the home stretch.

An average 7.04 was a touch more rapid than Monday but, having aimed for 7.00 it felt a bit frustrating. At least the Garmin trace lets me know where I slacked for an opportunity to repair things next week if I do the same thing.

ps. I’m now using Cathy’s Sony Walkman W series mp3 player and it’s simply glorious! Very good sound, easy to use, doesn’t move a millimetre, no wires to fuss about, just generally fantastic. I’ll load a few more tracks on for longer, slower runs and see how it performs over the coming months.


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