A day behind

Yesterday at work was ridiculous. Despite trying to get organised enough to set myself up for a crane visit to place some chimneys and despite organising things so that I’d still be able to do my job over the whole site and not on a single portion of it (we’ve 62 houses under way now…none of them finished. It’s busy.), the laziness and ineptitude of those around me fucked things up again. I found myself forsaking breaks completely and was starving and thirstier than ever when I got into the office around 4.30, only to have one final push to try and get things ready for next week before leaving and finally getting home a fair bit later than I should.

Still thirsty and hungry, I went to bed promising a morning run but already feeling less than up to it.

11.30 came around and a route to do about 6 miles and collect Cathy’s bike from the station for a cycle home was hatched.

Somewhat optimistically, it turned out.

From early this morning I was drinking lots due to feeling dehydrated. Breakfast did nothing to ease my hunger. I set out in poor form and never improved.

I sacked off the planned route for a journeyman slog along the bypass towards the station, then detoured into Victoria Park for a loop. I planned to make this as long as I could. It turned out to be surprisingly short!

From heading away from the bike, I felt worse with every stride. A very small loop and an exploratory loop of the station to research the cycle route signed entrance (which proved my theory that there wasn’t in fact a route at all!) saw me feel ever worse until I arrived at the bike in a shattered state after just 4.6 miles.

The Garmin trace on SportTracks shows a deterioration in splits of disturbing proportions over the last two miles which backs up how I felt.

I then got overtaken and cycled away from on the pedalling part, so little energy was in my limbs.

I guess the positive is having a bad run but getting one done. Albeit short and not very fun. The negative is now (late Saturday afternoon) still feeling parched, having sore and tired eyes and doubts that I’ll be able to recover full distance form before a re-scheduled Grim in 4 weeks.

I’ll try. Theres a Christmas holiday to recover in, after all. Maybe I just need some mince pies.


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