Having got a bit busy yesterday, I decided I’d run today and give my legs a bit more recovery from Christmas day (don’t know why they were aching a bit, but they were. Maybe the lack of training in the snow was more harmful than I liked to admit. Maybe I’ve become a layabout who moans too much. Maybe!)

All I know for sure is that I was enjoying working outside in the drizzle all day (building the new shed/log store) until it got dark and I came in to paint another couple of beams before heading for a run after 5.30. I was feeling pretty tired but in a good way and certainly ready for a few slow miles.

So when I left the house just before 6, a steady pace was set for a change of loop around the estate that doesn’t know where it is in Ashford (if it has a name, I don’t know it. It doesn’t belong to any of the established estates but seems to just exist.) before heading around Park Farm.

And the final mile garnered some excitement and pace uppage, for as I passed the park I was given the usual “Run, Forrest, Run”  salute by a large group of feral teenagers which, quite uncharacteristically, I responded to. I think my measured response was apt and entertaining but possibly foolhardy, for you see I turned my torso sideways and, upon eyeing the group, shouted “Wankers” in response.

And then upped the pace so that the final mile was executed in 6.45 in the optimism that they wouldn’t be able to catch me even if they wanted to. Which they didn’t. But it still felt juvenile in the extreme to be running away from kids who weren’t chasing at the ripe old age of 39. If they had chased, I could always have scared them off by showing them the details on my tights…

And so the run finished with high spirits and freshness. The silly Garmin “fastest” thing shows I peaked at 5.50 pace but the whole final quarter of a mile was at 5.58 average, So I think I probably continued to drive harder without actually peaking, which I think is quite good really. I usually sprint then flag a bit at the end – if I can simply continue to run at 6 minute mile pace then some of my 2011 targets might be met.

But somehow, I think that’s about as likely as being able to complete Janathon without my shin exploding into a few more fragments than it was designed with.


One response to “Confidence

  1. Beautifully pitched abusive retort – any more insulting (say, involving their mother) and they’d have chased you for sure. Any less and it would be doing them a disservice. And besides, if they are teenage boys, you were probably factually correct.

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