So Janathon has commenced!

A quick peek at RunningFreeOnline shows a fair few of us have already got cracking into the month… It’s great to see everyone out and about and up and at it…what a start! Shame it is only the start and there are 30 long days to go.

My own part was my planned run of 6 miles in preparation for Grim in two weeks. I’ve been doing short, quick distances lately and the slowing to 8 minute mile pace made the run see like torture, I was out for so long.

Despite the drizzle, though, it felt good to be out. I saw 3 other athletes (2 running, one cycling) and a dog walker (whose dog seemed much happier to be out than he was) and returned home fresh and happy to have a day of the festival of excuses gone to plan.

Time to continue gardening and decorating now. A shorter run tomorrow, I think, and we’ll see how the leg feels to be abused two days in a row.

2004.97 miles to go.


5 responses to “Drizzle

  1. Hello & happy Janathon to you.

    Just wondering what it is that means that when it rains or drizzles, the ONLY people that we see (no matter where we are) are other runners and cyclists (plus the odd dog walker)?

    • Somehow you got spam filtered, Jon. How rude! I reckon it means many people watching too many soaps and arguing!

  2. I agree it’s really great to see all the entries clocking up from the janathon group. Its a tremendous motivator. Good luck for the rest of the month, hope your leg holds out OK.

  3. Good luck with all your goals in 2011

  4. Woah thanks for the pointer – I just checked the group and you’re right, loads of runs being entered for today! That is quite motivating… glad to know I’m not the only one who hauled himself out onto the streets today.

    I like the count down from 2011 too. If I could manage that sort of milage I’d join you but for now it’s a case of see how January goes at 2m min a day! 5.5m a day is very, very impressive though. Good luck with everything!

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