A little bit of lots of things

The third day of Janathon dawned with a little bit of a cold. Not sure if it’s brewing for a proper one, a bit of a chill from cold days and wrong clothes or just being a bit low but a badly aching back and a throat/nasal cavity that’s as sore as a sore thing on a sore day in the snow isn’t what a finely tuned (ahem) athlete needs.

At all.

So a slow start to the day eased me into a bit of leaf clearing in the garden; a trip to the dump; some lunch; the first outing of the year on the motorbike (cold, cold, cold and sooooooo slippery under the tyres it was amusing but not really fun) followed by the first deep cleaning session of the year for the motorbike to get rid of all the salt and grit from the nooks and crannies; the first coat of paint to the last sitting room beam while planning the removal of the stair wall infill; plenty of wondering if my throat/back issues were excuse enough to not run; a run.

Yep, I got there in the end!

The only other issue was the desire to change the bed, sort the load of washing and hoover the house before returning to work tomorrow and, coupled with the need for a pint of milk and the desire to avoid using the car for such a trip, I was falling a few minutes short of available time. Until the much needed dawning of realisation that running and shopping can be combined.

So I popped a couple of quid into the palm of my glove and headed out for a steady 3 mile jog to help free up the throat, see how the back felt and get a feeling for whether my shin is up to a planned interval run tomorrow.

Well as I ran, the back felt tight but ok, my breathing was cool and the biggest annoyance was resetting the Garmin after the milk purchase and having two runs instead of one to log since Sporttracks doesn’t allow for stopped time in averages and I’m such a tart I don’t fancy a 15 minute mile sullying my logs unless it’s due to injury, natural disaster or desire to walk for a bit.

The second leg of the run was possibly more revealing than the first. I felt I kept the pace reasonable but my logs betray me and the shin was (worryingly for my year’s race plans) displaying the first signs of proper fatigue. On a 3 mile outing, that’s not good.

The only good thing is that, as I write, it all feels good so maybe I’ll have a crack at my target of 9mph averaged over 2 miles before the week is out.

My Janathon targets are looking reasonable at the moment. I haven’t sucked myself into a mileage challenge, the graph looks worrying by getting gradually shorter, but that was my plan – I’ll do another 6 miler next weekend, then it’s Grim the following Saturday (allegedly 8 miles) and I’m intending plugging away a workmanlike, recovery style 3 odd miles whenever I’m not interval training or otherwise engaged.

It’s all good and fun. And even more fun reading the tales of woe beginning to appear on Facebook and that regarding sore limbs (no, Phil…put it away!!), aching joints and tiredness. It’s not a tenth of the way through yet and the blogging is the hardesrt part!

1992.14 miles to go


3 responses to “A little bit of lots of things

  1. Sounds like a pretty fruitful day to me.
    I did my run but didn’t manage all the other jobs on my virtual list, like washing the car. I’ll have to tackle those tomorrow 😦
    Well done!

  2. Busy day – impressive multitasking on the run 🙂

  3. only 1992 miles to go?? Fun times eh?! Fair play!!

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