Having coughed up a lung at about 3 o’clock this morning and having had to spend the best part of half an hour putting it back in place, the first day of the working week went better than expected.

My featheredge weatherboarding for the shed has arrived at last, so that’s been hurriedly stored in the garage to avoid theft and allow it to dry out  a bit  before decoration and following that there was little left to do but see if I could run.

My voice has just about returned but I’m still unable to  take a deep breath without hurting a bit and coughing, so I’ve been avoiding it mainly. And the run was to be no exception. Just a workmanlike plod was called for to see if the legs work and that’s just about what I did.

I fancied a middle of the road offering without too many changes of direction and found inspiration in the bypass. I simply eased my way around onto it and ran along it before linking back home on the old road.

Apart from the pain in my shin, all was good. Awfully slow and dull but good. The mood was lightened by a transit driver losing his back end around the traffic lights followed by a hugely locked up taxi at the mini roundabout letting me know it’s a bit slippery out there but generally I’m wondering how far the shin will go before crying enough and ruining my spring.

I’ll monitor it and see. Certainly not gaining much in the running ability stakes without the ability to inhale hard or load the leg, so I won’t miss much if the sensible solution is pursued but the decision can be delayed by a few more days, I feel, as long as the minimum mile isn’t pulled out of the bag again in desperation of leg pain instead of simple poor health!

Anyway, only 1960.82 miles to go.


4 responses to “Bypass

  1. I thought you were talking about a heart / lung bypass!!

    Hope you’re feeling better – My legs are feeling a bit better since I took your advice about icing them.

  2. I’m sure this was a great post, but being a girl I fell asleep at the phrase featheredge weatherboarding …..oh, it just happened again sorry. anyway glad to see you are still shuffling about – do you think maybe, just maybe as you’ve had this chest thing so long you might actually need some proper drugs from the doctor to get rid of it? or is it just exagerrated man flu?

    • I made a pact (with myself many years ago) when surrounded by malingering idiots that doctors would only be consulted when absolutely necessary…unfortunately, while drugs may well have assisted this time, I haven’t yet felt I may actually die, so medical professionals weren’t needed! Hopefully it’s on the way out at last. Hope so, I’ve got to fit the weatherboard at the weekend!

  3. LOL – Must admit I am the same…I’m a ‘man-up’ sort of person andhave to be dying (and nearly in fact did once but that’s another story) before I’ll trust them. Hope the weatherb…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, sorry it happened again – ….hope you get your shed finished!

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