I just scrapped another long-winded, dull, self obsessed post about how woeful my Janathon has been.

It hasn’t, really. I’m still running even if it is on two lower legs that are ruinous balls of fire. But it’s my choice and I can always stop.

While I may have a bit of a limp and can’t decide which way to go with it (to protect my left foot or right shin…ever the dilemma!), getting up in the morning is a challenge to see how much pain the stairs will bring on…and, sadly, I quite like that experience.

My cold seems to be coming back yet again and I really do want time to recover – but not as much as I want to put in 4 runs, even if they are pitiful excuses and a shadow of my true running ability.

I’m properly looking forward to having no booked races, but want to get pain free for Wittersham and see if I can enjoy a race on fresh, fit legs after the best taper ever (I might well do no running at all from next Tuesday until the race, just because I’ll be able to!).

I want to keep the fitness I must have in preparation for the 32 miles a day I intend to do cycling to work as soon as the risk of being flattened on a dark back road subsides.

Basically, I guess, I’m looking forward to the changes the turn of the seasons will bring. I’ve got to the stage where I feel January has been wasted in running and blogging and reading blogs while the world has passed me by. But in a parallel to marathon training, at least it’ll stop now – last year it continued right through to the end of April.

I think I’m going to go to bed now. It’s late, I’ve a big day tomorrow (Managing director, contracts director, chairman, client, prospective new developers and two bank representatives coming to see how incompetent I am at building housing estates), and have I mentioned I’m a bit sore?

Ah. Sorry.

1880.53 miles to go.


3 responses to “Ruined

  1. It’s nearly over, but oddly I wish it wasn’t. Good luck for the last few days of Janathon.



  2. I hope tomorrow goes well.

    As for you pains have you had good medical advice from someone who understands running? At some point we all need to find someone we can trust, who can help us.

    I hope you get back to full fitness soon

    • The day could have been orse but a few cock ups marred it a bit. Ah, well.
      I’m going to rest soon then seek advice along with help if I can indeed find anyone. I’ll keep updating as time goes by.

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