Saturday is an age ago, it seems, and as such my last run was an age ago, too. Looking at my SportTracks activities, February is certainly a month of rest.

If only it were also a month of recovery from injury.

My right leg is doing okay. The shin seems to be getting healthier by far; it now takes all I can force through it before protesting that I’ve gone too far and even occasional bursts of speed in my rigger boots on site leave it feeling reasonable.

My left foot is another story. Last night was the first time since Saturday that it’s felt remotely comfortable and this morning I managed to walk from the car to the site office without an extravagant limp. Which made me hopeful of a comfortable run this evening. Unfortunately, after another rough day on site and a return home to an ailing JogBlog, the news when I set out for the run was that of foot dismay almost as soon as I got going.

Still. It could get worse.

Oh. It has.

I set out to the sound of Sean extolling the virtues of keeping my feet to the beat at a cruisey 155BPM for 5 minutes of warm up before launching into the Pyramid 180max workout. Apart from my being incapable of starting my Garmin, all commenced easily enough. 5 minutes eased by and soon enough I was climbing the pyramid and enjoying the pacier sections interspersed with easy running.

All lovely and floaty, like. The ease with which I can maintain 178BPM is incredible, the minute passing by far too quickly, which I guess it might after a few sessions at 175BPM for 15 minutes have been outed over the past months. The 180BPM was where it got interesting. The 75 seconds seems an age when pounding the pavement and no matter how the easing, soothing voice of command lets you know where you are in the cycle, it seems a lie. I’ll be amazed if I can keep up with the Martin Yelling duration after a day on site with no breaks between 7.30AM and 5.30PM when sustenance is grabbed in a banana and apple in the car on the way home but I’ll give it a try if I have many more days like today. I’ll simply have to!

The other thing that happened during the peak of the pyramid was an increase in intensity of discomfort in my foot.

The slower sessions did little to assist the pain and the warm down (done to the same 155BPM intro I started on…the cool down tune in the Pyramid mix is far too lifeless for my tastes and the 175BPM tracks I also have loaded are impossible not to run to now I’ve got used to their intensity for longer outings) was a mix of loping sideways off the foot and pain when I didn’t.

I now sit here with it strapped right up and a constant pain rolling around between the toes and along the bones. It must ease soon or I won’t be sleeping without drugs. Which will make Cathy happy since I won’t keep her awake with my breathing. Silver linings, I guess!

The good bit to the run is a nice range of speeds over the split distances to show the range of intensity of the running. The overall distance was 3.09 miles (a bit short since the Garmin wasn’t on at the start)…makes me wonder how fun it’ll be to do these intervals as a 10k race and how annoyed everyone around will be – a cruisey 155BPM and running with the 8 minute milers interspersed with 180BPM and racing past them to catch the 7 minute pace gang, only to drop off after a minute and be overtaken by the sensible people, repeated over 6 miles. It could get really annoying for those around and result in (averaged over today’s run) a 45 minute overall time with a really interesting blog to boot.

Unlike this one!

So, enough. It’s time to get ready for bed and rest the foot. Hopefully it’ll heal quicker this time (must get better quicker after 3 miles instead of 6, I reckon) and be ready for a jog around Hyde Park on Saturday with some fellow Janathoners. Time will tell.

1853.71 miles to go.


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