Still Here!

I haven’t given up exercise, even if my blog has been a bit inactive since January. The only problem has been that none of it has been running related over the last week.

I’ve given best to my foot problem at the moment and am resting it out of necessity…walking around at work was being compromised by constant and sharp pain, so exercise has been upper body related and cycling based.

13 miles on the road bike on Sunday afternoon has been supplemented tonight by 8 more. All of it seems to be at an average of 16 miles per hour and it’s all a varied mix of country lanes, town roads with traffic lights and stuff and slopes but no hills. It seems I may need some clipless pedals to unlock the next league of performance because there’s plenty of go in my legs and lungs but very little gets through the pedals!

I’m enjoying it in the absence of running, though (well…except the constant barrage of cars pulling out of side roads onto me, clearly expecting me to stop for them in a meek and quiet way judging by the shocked expressions I keep getting after I educate them into the language of the average builder!) and the mileage available to explore can only be better over the coming lighter evenings as preparation for the work commute gets under way.

Might need a more comfortable saddle, though. I’m hoping I’ll get used to my current one but experience of past saddles indicates it may be just a stretch too far this time. Brooks, anyone?!

1827.23 miles to go.

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