I’ve been waiting patiently for my foot to heal enough to give me confidence that a gentle plod out won’t bring with it days and days of pain and during this time I’ve been trying to assess where the pain starts from and what the cause might be.

Curiously I have been having good and bad days despite attempts to treat it the same all the time and my conclusion is that there isn’t a pattern. Nothing seems to make it better or worse except the trend has been improvement. To the point where I decided that yesterday would be a small jog day.

The morning started well enough, weather wise, but then deteriorated into heavy rain which cleared mid afternoon, encouraging me that I could get out and back between showers. So I set off on a small loop through the lanes and back through Park Farm, stopping mid way for a chat to a groundworker and his bulldog. And it was ok.

A bit of foot pain immediately afterwards wasn’t very nice but the proof of healing should be the longer term effect, I reckon, and today has given me no serious causes for concern at all, I went for a 16 mile ride to the hilly part of my future cycling commute to test the speed difference I’ll find on the out and back route (to work will be predominently downhill and proved 2mph quicker for the half distance today) and everything feels good.

I might even attempt another plod on Monday night if timings and enthusiasm catch me on the right side. But then I have got a house to do bits on, seeds to plant and a garden to tidy over the evenings (just not making a dent in the jobs list without addidng chores into the list at the moment, so weekdays are about to get busier), so exercise might be taking a small back seat for a while at least until I’m happy the house is in a fit state for me to ignore it again.

We’ll see, though. Don’t want to be fat for my middle age, after all.

1792.26 miles to go.


2 responses to “Activities

  1. I love the idea that gardening doesn’t count as exercise…whenever I garden, my aching muscles remind me very strongly that it may not be aerobic, but it’s certainly exercise. Hope the foot continues to improve.

  2. Indeed it’s not aerobic…I put the Garmin on to mow the lawn when I had my broken leg and it was a sweaty 1.8 miles but somehow still didn’t count as exercise!
    Foot is strapped again but not too sore, so it’s promising.

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