Since Friday I’ve basically continued my cycling outings along with returning to work and phasing in my insoles to encourage my foot to recover as hoped for following the podiatrist experience.

I sacked off the run planned for Sunday mostly due to the foot flaring in pain with any heavy footfall – I simply want it to heal properly so I can get back to enjoying the summer outings on it.

My attitude to bodily recovery hasn’t stopped my urges to run, however, and tonight things simply got too bad to resist…I was putting in little jogs up the site at work, I was itching to go so badly, and combining this with one of the kids at work saying he’s enjoying his runs at the moment, I could put it off no longer.

So having got home and done a little bit in the garden, eaten the best chilli pie ever cooked, washed up and trimmed the first section of hawthorn hedge to the front of the house, I decided it was time to go.

Just a little outing was planned and, since time had pushed on to about 8.20, a short one at that.

But an outing.

So off I set, up the hill to the church. Nice, steady pace…really slow considering it’s a return run, in fact.

So why oh why  oh why, despite this, and along with focusing on nice clean strides to protect the foot and make sure everything is balanced and even, did something go “ping” in my right calf? “Ping” enough to stop me in my tracks and instantly start a “shit I’ve got cramp” wake-me-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night cramp style massage? Right deep inside and at the base of the muscle, too. Not funny. Remotely. At all.

So unfunny, in fact, and so infuriated was I that I massaged the life out of it and finished the run at a trot so at least if it is serious I’ve got something to remember it by.

The rest of the outing was uneventful, I guess. A few zings of feeling in the foot owing to a renewed oddness of gait carrying the calf were to be expected, for sure, but by the time I got home the foot felt surprisingly ok.

And instantly upon getting in I hit the calf with a massive massage and a good roll of my “Stick” which is like the Mother Tereza of muscular problem cures…if that doesn’t cure things, I’ll simply give up!

Fingers crossed for a less painful morning tomorrow. Please don’t let me have another niggle as the summer rolls in!

Besides, I’ve still got 1578.54 miles to go.

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