Daily Archives: April 17, 2011

Small improvements

Having left my sore calf and slightly ailing leg to find their way to recovery for a day, I decided they needed to propel me the 16 miles to work followed by the 16 miles back on Friday and very well they did, too.

I’ve settled into the rhythm (well, after 3 journeys that’s stretching it a bit, granted, but the logic works, honest!) of a non-rushed trip to work (16.8mph seems to be the established norm – all three trips have averaged within 5 seconds, the latest being the quickest by 1 second per mile average…that’s a whole 16 seconds quicker than last week for the journey…phew!) which, considering it has the greatest downhill profile of the pair, is pretty sedate, to be fair. Which enables more effort for the return journey and the corresponding uphill bits. This, last Friday, allowed an average return speed of 17.5mph. Now bearing in mind that for all but the first return trip I’ve been blessed with all but zero wind, the logic of the pacing seems to work.

But I’m still not fully on it the next day, so Saturday was a relatively sedate affair prepping for today’s return to running.

The foot and calf have responded well to massive massage and kneading – the leg eased from the pain within pretty quickly; the foot has responded to the invalid insoles and some further massage while sat down. To such an extent that for the 13 miles I was on the bike after lunch, I was almost over-eager to get out for a short plod.

So, upon returning home, I tucked the bikes up in the garage and got some trainers on for a loop to Tesco via the country lanes (and the long cinder path, to maintain my percentage of off-road mileage).

It took a good while to find my running form again, feet slapping through their paces until I did so, but once I had, I reverted to longer strides, fully rolling through my paces with conscious effort to use the full availability of my left foot. And despite the pain of recent times, I felt relatively few twinges of hurt.

It was all very encouraging, really. I’m finding plenty of easy pace which must be due to the fitness being maintained by the cycling (a slow foot fall and easy strides averaged out at 7.39/mile, according to the trusty Garmin…far better than I was aiming for, despite not really having an aim but for a pleasurable 3 mile plod) and my recovery at home consisted of a quick stretch as I undid my laces and a squeeze of the foot to confirm that no pain was lingering in it. By the time that was done, tea was in the cup and a lawnmower was being prepped for phase two of the day’s action – the back lawn.

A jolly satisfying outcome, all told, then.

I’m hesitating to enter any races apart from the Crisis run in June at the moment in case things go bad/I get overambitious and ruin myself again but there are a few I’d like a crack at. There’s a 5k series in Ashford that I might attempt the odd outing in; a 10k race through the woods 4 miles away in Hamstreet; the Stelling Minnis 10k 5 or so weeks away; all told, several that might be fun. But since the leg was broken next week last year (if that makes sense…the marathon being a week earlier this year and all that) and I’ve had a shit February and March, I think my aim is to merely continue improving, carry on enjoying every outing I can, and enter a group event (I won’t really race if I’m not really prepared, I feel…I don’t seem to be very good at competitiveness) if the timing and mood seems right on the day.

Roll on a great summer.

1524.21 miles to go.