Midweek mayhem

One thing that’s good about exercise is the way it allows my mind to be free of any amount of calamity that befalls me in other areas of my life.

Work, at the moment (despite the employer being great) is utter shite. Seemingly unable to attain any targets set there’s a long way to go, a lot to do and it won’t get any easier. Thankfully I have an ability to bury myself into activities away from the job to make it all seem a little bit less like a horror clip on repeat. And apparently the upshot will be a fitter individual.

Yesterday saw me cycle there and back again. A lovely day forced me to do it, honest. The journey in was a little easier than normal, the journey home (despite being about an hour later than planned) went swimmingly and proved to be thoroughly enjoyable. It would be better if it was only 12 miles each way instead of 16, though.

My foot seems ok while cycling and I seem to have eased most of the pain away while walking around at work so tonight called for a gentle trot out to see how progress is going on the running ability with little pain. As excuses to run away from the work headaches go, I can think of few better.

After a bit of garden clearing my trainers were laced and off I set for a late evening plod around the local lanes before heading around the local estate as it got properly dark.

The first mile was somewhat odd in as much as I was unable to settle into a rhythm despite feeling relatively comfortable and the Garmin trace, now downloaded, shows very odd quarter mile splits culminating in a daftly fast overall mile. No wonder a rhythm wasn’t found, I feel. Mile 2 was better but less comfortable and by mile 3 my foot was beginning to feel less able to relax into the strides unless I focused on it and little else. A good result is this mile being the only one at or about target pace. A bad result is that I shouldn’t have to focus on a foot to avoid pain in it.

Still, damage limitation seems fair since as I type, there’s little going on that shouldn’t be in the pain stakes and hopefully a recovery will be swift to allow another weekend run.

I say weekend run since I’ve decided that I can’t get near to what I need to be doing at work so I’ll be going in on Good Friday but plan to cycle again as a bit of a change to just turning up. Twice in a week will test how my fitness is coping with the miles but I’m sure my pace will drop a touch if only because of the continued assault on similar muscles.

It’ll be interesting, if nothing else.

1488.96 miles to go. And if the cycling miles can be as pleasant as Tuesday’s, bring on each and every one of them. I’m sure they won’t and that I’ll fail my attempt but it’s nice to be enjoying the effort.

One response to “Midweek mayhem

  1. Weather should be nice again on Friday, so hopefully it’ll be another lovely ride.

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