My worst fears for a weekend of worrying about how poor work performance is weren’t quite realised but far too much time was spent considering what could, should and needed to be done which resulted in a daftly early start to get me on site as soon as it was daylight to allow inspections of buildings before the daily bedlam commenced.

So it came to pass that by 5.30 (pm…I lasted a bit more than half an hour, honest!) I was well ready to come home and, while my mind was eager enough to run, my spirit and body weren’t.

Still, having unloaded the car, dug a bit more vegetable patch (the previous owners have dumped quite literally tons of shingle, rock, gravel, roof tiles, car disc brake pads, more shingle, occasional car light bodies, paving slabs and lots more besides under a thin skin of soil right where I want vegetables and fruit – it takes hours to dig a square foot, seive the contents and seperate the waste…a small plot is taking months to get through as a result), eaten, done the washing up and got changed, mind overcame body and I got out of the door.

A plod (and it was just that – the slowest individual mile of the year to start) past the pub, onto the Greensand Way and around the corner made me feel a bit better and I picked up my heels and plodded in a bit more style past several dozen youths, each pair seemingly having a competition to see who could insert their own tongue down their partner’s throat furthest without making them gag, before I realised I was most of the way to Tesco where I needed a pint of milk.

Or two. Or rather four – two for me, two for work.

And a packet of biscuits.

So I stopped in the supermarket equivalent of an explosion in a synthetic fabrics emporium, purchased said items and rounded the jaunt off with a joggette up the road and home.

And feel much better for it.

No matter how bad work gets if my foot continues to heal and I maintain a reasonable level of fitness then satisfaction is but 3 miles away after a swift plod. I like running. If I can just make running like me again then happy things might occur over the rest of the year. I’m due into the podiatrist again in a couple of weeks to see how progress on my foot is. Not bad, I reckon – wonder what she’ll think?

Ps. I’ve been trying a Trion:Z wristband like a few other bloggers – I’ve only had it just over a week but am worried I like it already…will continue to test it for a couple more weeks and check I’m not losing my marbles regarding good things to report but first impressions are nothing but positive.

1424.08 miles to go.

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