Daily Archives: May 3, 2011

Like buses

All of a sudden the good runs come tumbling through, one on top of another, creating merry hell with my memory and making me think running is a thing to enjoy and to be made the most of whenever possible. Just when I thought it was going to be a summer of occasional plods making me wonder why I bother, too.

After feeling too tired to get out yesterday, an arrival home the wrong side of dinner time made me all the more determined to head out for a jog and since Cathy┬áhad been concocting a dinner that was able to be delayed for half an hour, that’s just what I did.

I intended a gentle plod around the lanes before heading back through Park Farm to make a loop nearing 4 miles – a distance I’ve become reasonably confident I can jog wothout pain erupting and spoiling things and that’s just how things started. An easy pace, not very out of breath up the first slope from the house, just enjoying the scenery, the blue sky and not really hating the wind (sacked off the cycle to work due to gale forecasts and unwillingness to die repeatedly into a gale on the way home. Call me slack or lazy if you like – I call myself responsible to my self duty to maintain energy beyond work!) despite it still being strong.

After just over a mile, however, I felt full of beans and striding happily towards a half-way point with a massive spring in my stride. Which just continued as I ran further and thus closer to home. Two miles passed with no fatigue at all, as did 3 and all the way to 4 miles. I put in a bit of a surge for the final lap of the garden to see if anything snapped/twanged or pulled – all was fine.

At the end, my sense of joy was as large as it is now. An easy run with no pain, some nice sights, a reasonable pace (considering I’ve only managed to run just over 30 miles since Janathon finished) and optimism for some spring/summer events making me excited to be able to plod again.

I could grow to like this running thing, I think. And dinner was well worth the wait, too. Splendid.

1380.36 miles to go.