Daily Archives: May 6, 2011


And so it is that, once again, I find myself blogging the day after the event. And all due to being a bit of a disorganised fool in the shopping department.

My outing yesterday combined walking with JB up to the polling station in order to exercise the privilege granted by previous generations winning wars and the like followed by JB walking home while I plodded out through the lanes to return via That Evil Source of Corruption Outlet (TESCO…see what I did there? I might try a different version each time I mention it) to purchase some milk.

The running part equalled just over 3 miles and, combined with some vegetable plot digging (still pulling up bricks and hardcore…many moons to go before I can turn it into a food ready plot), was going to be my exercise for the day.


I hate “buts” and in this case it was my stupidity in imagining that I had enough butter for my packed lunch without reckoning on mashed potato for dinner. The result was a need to go and buy some more. Little after half an hour since I’d been in The Enterprise Sincere to Creating Obesity. I simply couldn’t face going back. So opted instead for a trip out to Sainsbury’s on the other side of town, a round trip of just over 7 miles, done on the road bike as a bit of a sprint and instead of cycling to work today.

It was a more memorable ride than the run, mainly due to running 9 red traffic lights over the course of the journey but was best for the fact that I passed a car that passed me a couple of hundred yards from the house on the way out as I ran the last red light about 3 miles from home. Made using the bike feel more justified than simply making me fitter and smile more, if nothing else.

But the result was not having the energy to blog when I got in, hence the catch-up now.

A longer run planned for the weekend (5 miles minimum – might go 6 if my foot continues to behave but will be a loop near home in case it does play up, rather than my favourite 6 route that takes me on a single course with no escape route) might round out my first week since Janathon with 3 runs with a smile and a weekly distance I’m happy with.

Fingers crossed.

1338.43 miles to go.