Daily Archives: May 11, 2011


I think that’s the term I’m looking for.

Full of anticipation for Grim on Saturday morning I decided to front load my mileage this week and, since Monday looked best for weather I opted for that to cycle to work. And a good choice it was, too. No wind on the way in, a breeze picked up over the course of the day which blew me home and made light of the trip. So light, in fact, that I got the bit between my teeth and pushed on a bit to arrive 98 seconds outside the time I’ve targeted myself for the end of the summer when I’m fully fit and used to it – I’m looking for 20mph average which, considering the hills on the way, won’t be too shabby if I can achieve it and, since only 98 seconds are needed now, it looks possible.

This was followed by a tired day yesterday but, knowing I had plans for tomorrow (village meeting and morris dancers to watch in the pub after), I wanted to do the run and “get it out of the way”. Not quite the right phrase, but close to the sentiment.

I was tired, however. A plod was achieved but with heavy thighs and legs thumping rather than springing. My left calf even felt tight but this was a phantom tightness…it miraculously felt fine as soon as I turned for home on the off-road section of the run. The off road section that now has millions of kissing gates which, combined with heavy legs, give enough excuse to stop to go through them rather than jump over them, creating a final mile 20 seconds slower than the previous 2 slow ones.

But it was an outing. I still feel tired but less weary than yesterday. A good session preparing my next vegetable plot has cheered me up this evening but a bad day is in prospect tomorrow so the pint with the morris dancers might be enjoyed more than usual. Who knows. I will tomorrow and maybe it’s best I don’t!

And so to bed. 1288.42 miles to go.