Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Juneathon and everything

Seems June fever is taking hold already.

Not only am I thinking about what to do if I can’t cycle to work every day (and I may buckle at the prospect in the pouring rain after wearing myself out for four previous days just as readily as I might wake up and fancy another half hour in bed, to be honest) as I promised in January but I’m even considering how many miles I should do if I decide to run everyday which, if I’m honest, isn’t wise. I’ve increased my monthly mileage gradually since I started again from my injury (12 in February while denying it was bad, zero in March while scared, 24 in April and 31 so far in May) so a massive step-change can only be foolhardy.

But the honest truth is that I fancy a small outing everyday. Mainly single miles, I think, on the back of the 31.5 mile daily commute on the bike, with outings thrown into the mix (Crisis being one such event). But the events show up their own challenges. How to cycle to work and back, then get to London for Crisis, run about 3.5 miles at a decent lick, have a pizza, get home somewhere around 1am and then get up again at 5.30 for a 16 mile jaunt to work (the Rye one-way system makes odd to and fro journey distances, in case anyone wonders). Maybe a Friday off work is the answer to that one.

Anyway, this is a running blog, not a diary of my personal organisational issues. So to business.

Today I ran.

Yesterday was a cycling commute (slower than of late but more tired, I guess) so I got home feeling ok before getting changed and wondering just when on my outing the ominous clouds would unleash their contents.

The new Adidas “best shoes yet, gloves on my feet, sleeker than slippers” Adizeros were laced up and Audiofuel “Through The Gears” was put into the MP3 for a change of running tempo.

I was a bit reticent about the music, to be fair. I haven’t been running enough to make the best of it but I was equally eager to avoid becoming stale in my runs¬†and just considering injury recovery. So I gave it a go.

It’s my first time with Through The Gears and Jogblog¬†loves it, hence the idea. I started slowly – not walking as instructed (what a rebel, eh?!) but jogging along towards the closed off road that saw my first go on the Pyramid 180 session before. My shoes felt good but the moisture underfoot revealed them to be a bit slick in the damp – something that disappeared in the coming rain, but more of that in a bit.

The first proper warm up interval felt odd. I seem to have lengthened my stride again with the little off-road running I’ve been doing because even 155BPM had me a) breathing harder than I thought normal for such a pace and b) going faster than I’d have liked. Especially with proper pace to come.

Still, shorter paces are available, so on I plodded.

The tunes in this session were most enjoyable for a mind such as mine, both up-beat and melodious which is perfect for an outing such as this. But then the pace picked up again and this coincided with a little up-slope (hill is too harsh a word!) and I felt all sorry for myself. But it all passed – the hill, the sorrow, the self pity, everything. 170BPM came on and I was loving it. Only for it to be just 2 minutes of intensity and then all over. Bah. Not enough. So I skipped to the beginning of Martin Yelling’s session and ran home to the warm-up and the beginning of the 160BPM bit. Warmed into the beat, this was perfect pace for easing home through the stair-rod downpour, thunder and lightning that engulfed me.

Again a shortfall in shoe came to light – about half a milli-second after the rain started, my feet were soaked. Much mesh equals wet feet. Ah, well. The odd thing was that with more water came increased grip again. Very curious.

So a lovely, injury free 3 mile session was enjoyed. Wetness was achieved (soaked to the skin by the time I was home). Juneathon planned a bit. Everything coming gradually together.

And only 1197.8 miles to go.