Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

Eat it or wear it

That was the threat from JogBlog when I announced I was full during dinner. Well, that was the threat after she realised she’d told me not to eat my apple before my run following my arrival home, shortly before which I’d eaten my banana, which was preceeded by my marbled chocolate energy bar which only followed lunch by a bit since the day went badly and I only got to eat lunch at 3pm.

So, starting from 22.45 last night when I got into bed, Juneathon 2011 has consisted of being phoned from Dalston and Kingsland railway station at 23.45 by an upset girlfriend who thought she’d missed her train, only to be called again at 00.30 to be told she’d successfully caught the last one at Stratford International after all and how grateful and happy I should be that I didn’t have a 4 hour drive to go and get her after all. Followed by a good disturbance at 1.35 as she excitedly relayed how good the run to the train and the cycle home were. Followed by my joy at the alarm going off so I could get up at 05.20 to enable me to have breakfast before my 16.05 mile cycle to work to arrive there for 07.00 for a day of managerial graft.

The graft made me late for morning tea, too, so all my eating was to cock which made everything late, hence the fullness despite my calorie burn probably making me even skinnier than I started the day despite not being able to shovel another morsel into my stomach. Bah.

Still, the energy bar made a good before-I-leave work snack before 8.5 miles of ride was interrupted by a brief stop to look at a vineyard while eating the banana before the remaining 7 miles home were outed.

It was at home that I ate my apple, which would normally be eaten in the car but today would have been at the vineyard to allow me energy to run on arrival home.

So the apple coincided with a fresh pair of socks, a change of shorts and the altering of the Garmin from cycling mode to running before a loop was decided to kill two birds with one stone in running to The Evil Shabby Chav Office to buy some milk and garlic bread and thus complete Juneathon day one. A short route was chosen, not wanting to repeat my foot injury from Janathon and that, so at 1.92 miles, I think it should be fine. I was aiming to go slowly and started out just so but the evilness inside still had me well under 8 minute miles by the time I got to The Endless Scabby Council Office, so some habits are indeed dying hard.

And upon laeving The Evil Scum Crime Outlet, I had my first “Run, Forrest” comment both of Juneathon and the spring. Oh, how imaginitive. If only I hadn’t been 33 miles into the day by then or the slag lovely young lady who shouted it would have been wearing my garlic bread and milk combination instead of the glow of idiotic smugness she clearly gained from her friends.

Ah, well.

So now I’m off to water the greenhouse, cut a cucumber, do the washing up, watch whatever’s on ITV4 about the Isle Of Man TT (last went in 1994; need to go again but without crashing at the Gooseneck next time, I feel) at 21.00 before I head to bed to repeat the day’s activities tomorrow. Preferably without the sleep disturbance.

Wonder how many days I can keep it up until I fall apart, exhausted? Time will tell.

Oh, and I’m planning on a few press ups later, too. If I can keep my strength reasonable while weighing this little, I fancy my 15 odd year old record of 57 in 30 seconds could be under threat with the right preparation. If I manage it, I’ll let everyone know.

1155.79 miles to go.

31.57 Juneathon cycling miles.

1.92 Juneathon running miles.