Daily Archives: June 3, 2011

How can there be too many potatoes?

Another day started with the ritual of the cat hearing my alarm, dropping onto the floor from wherever she’d spent the night (well…the bit of the night where she wasn’t attacking my feet from the edge of the duvet, that is. Why has she taken to burrowing under the cover for a stealthy scratch and bite session again? Pass, but it’s as annoying as it is amusing, that’s for sure) before doing her swishing repeatedly past my legs thing as I tried to gain the will to stand up and head for work.

As usual, the desire to pay the mortgage won over my desire to stay comfortable and rested and, with the lure of a Juneathon challenge I got up, ate and left the house.

Last night’s wind had eased loads but there was a fair puff in the air still and it was a shame to temper my enthusiasm for swifter speeds in the knowledge that the weatherman had predicted it would strengthen over the course of the day and I’d need all the energy I could muster for the struggle home.

And indeed it did increase. My favourite internet tool for wind is xcweather (seems accurate more than not and has a useful wind history section from each of the monitoring stations to indicate the real-world situation, rather than what it should be) and, before leaving for home, I was mortified to see that Headcorn (10 miles west of my destination), Lydd (4 miles east of my departure point) and Herstmonceaux (15 miles west of departure) were all showing wind histories of 23 to 28mph. Directly against me. After a bad day in the office.

But homeward bound I had to be and, despite wondering if I should catch the train, I cycled into the wind in a massive 5th gear at best for the 4 miles until I got some shelter from a hedge and could use the advantage to select 6th! On a good day, 30 minutes sees 10 miles on the Garmin for the 8 miles of flat and two mile hill home. 30 minutes today got me fewer than 7 miles closer to home – just off the flat, straight section. And I was knackered.

So a not very pleasant ride with wind roar constantly in my ears and dead legs saw a new personal worst time for the homeward journey.

And a new challenge lay ahead to boot. Unbeknown to me, JogBlog was going to treat me to potatoes for dinner. I say treat because they’re my favourite but because she’s good at putting effort into cooking and that, we rarely eat the same meal twice and as such potatoes are rarely (in their natural form at least) on the menu. Tonight, however, she announced that she’d cooked “too many” of the tasty tubers. “Not possible” was my confident reply.


JB’s ability to estimate quantities is hereby put into question. I like potato, as stated. Lots. But two people would, in my estimation, in a normal meal with other items on the plate, require something like 5 potatoes each. 6 if they’re roasties, probably; maybe 4 if mashed (always seem to grow on mashing); 1 huge jacket, baked item. That’d be approximately 10 spuds required for the pair of us. Maybe 11 if quality is questionable and green/black worries persist to allow wastage.

Well my plate arrived and on it were no fewer that 13 perfectly formed potatoes. Thirteen.

Too many potatoes.

By approximately 7 in the circumstances, I guess.

However, in the “eat it or wear it” mould, JB did her best to sit, having finished hers, and watch me as I manfully did my best and had to give up after 11.5 of the tasty treats. My record was 48 brussels sprouts two years ago – I couldn’t match the feat in the carbohydrate heaven that is a spud despite trying.

Ah, well. At least I now know my limits.

And this was followed by the week’s most pathetic attempt at a run. Having washed up and watered the greenhouse, my legs simply didn’t want to propel me and my wind-battered legs and spuddily-distended stomach up the hill from home at all and with 9 o’clock and the Isle of Man TT preview imminent on the idiot lantern, I had no desire to be out so did a minimum requirement of a singular mile.

Just about Juneathoned…tomorrow will hopefully show a better effort.

1089.23 miles to go.

94.86 Juneathon cycling miles.

5.19 Juneathon running miles (but at least my foot doesn’t hurt yet!)