Daily Archives: June 5, 2011

Missing some music

Following a bit of discomfort and a bit of a struggle on the return run and an equal struggle to keep my food down yesterday evening, this morning arrived with a start and a need to do a little more decorating.

So up I got and did a bit before popping out shopping and, for the first time in what seems ages but is in fact only 4 days, had some music to listen to as I made forwards progress. The car stereo did wonderful justice to some fantastic Pablo Gargano uplifting dance, kindly supplied by Grant and throughout the journey, I remembered what I like best about the occasional challenges that put you out of immediate comfort – namely that when “normality” is regained, the luxury it provides is fully appreciated and not just taken for granted.

I got so much more from the music and the drive than I should have and it changed my mood entirely.

To the point where, despite it raining when I got home I simply unpacked my shopping, pulled on some trainers and went out for my run instead of pushing it to the latter end of the day like usual.

I think my foot is just starting to swell at the moment…a bit of pain early this morning between the bones is a bad sign, but it was sporadic and not too intense so I decided that a slow, short-ish outing would be good and that’s about what I did. 2.7 miles will never set the world alight but, with my month aim being 50 comfortable miles, I’m well on course for success. 14 miles in only 5 days is more than I was expecting and I don’t want a bad foot to get in the way of a planned Crisis outing on Thursday, a possible 10k race in Hamstreet next week nor some half marathon training distance uppage as June draws to a close.

So many plans…last year I was merely trying to use my leg again about now so there seems no point ruining things.

Tomorrow sees the return of my 31 mile cycling commute and the weather forecast is for easing winds but heavy rain…that’ll be nice! Plastic bags to protect my work clothes in my bag might just be the order of the day in that case – at least the winds look like they’re easing, so I can be confident it’ll be under an hour of deluge each way even if slick tyres aren’t the ideal way to find grip in the wet. Easy on the bends it is, I guess. Oh, and remember to slow up early for the junctions. At least the garden will be happier and the dust on site will be kept under control.

1068.33 miles to go.

106.63 Juneathon cycling miles.

14.32 Juneathon running miles.

I missed appreciating my century of Juneathon miles the other day…guess I’ll have to try to remember 200 if all goes well in the week.