Daily Archives: June 6, 2011


That was the text I received back from Jogblog upon sending mine (she’s out in London doing writing stuff and drinking beer and eating things [probably pizza]) that I’ve failed part of my Juneathon owing to my inability to run.

My targets were to run everyday (with a 50 mile total target to give a gradual increase from May and April), cycle the commute to work, stay injury free and enjoy it.

The run everyday has gone in an attempt to maintain the others. My logic is that I succeeded in proving to myself that despite numerous niggles during Janathon, including several colds (or the same one boomeranging around, maybe), I can run everyday but February and March with next to no running proved also that my niggles developed into something that upset my running for far too long. Since yesterday’s run I’ve been able to feel the same pain that receeded in my foot from January and today I’ve resorted to keeping it strapped up. While it feels ok to walk and sprint up the garden, I’m not going to see if it hurts after a run…I’m not going to run.

So I haven’t.

The plan at work (after drying my clothes, having cycled in through the rain this morning – and how much willpower did it take to go past the car in waterproofs to set out on a 16 mile ride when my glasses were already soaked? Lots.) was to cycle home and jog to That Existentially Scarred Colostomy Operation for some food. I stopped after 8 miles on the way home to enjoy my apple while overlooking a vineyard on the side of the hill from Appledore (I’d take a photo, Highway Kind style, but am too stupid to be able to manage images) and pondered my foot, thinking I might just risk it, but the idea died as I got off the bike at home and bounced about a bit and could feel it sore.

Simply put, I want to enjoy Crisis on Thursday, Hamstreet 10k (hopefully) this weekend and to be able to train through to the Folkestone half. I don’t want to ruin myself and have a short-lived summer of running. I know running everyday, even with the small mileage, isn’t good for my feet – I wish it were since the challenge is wonderful and nothing niggled me three years ago when I won, but whatever I’ve changed in style/gait/speed or something isn’t good. Rest will cure all and I’ll do better overall, I hope.

Does it sound like I’m clutching at straws? Maybe…I am a bit. I might go for a midnight mile yet. But hopefully not.

So 32 miles today it was…

1035.55 miles to go.

139.41 Juneathon cycling miles

14.32 Juneathon running miles – I haven’t ruled out 50 miles yet for the month. Let’s see.