Daily Archives: June 7, 2011

Moving target

Following the demise of my hope to be able to run each day (even if just a miserably short distance) in the interests of maintaining a healthy body instead of ruining it, I realise I have many minor achievements available for the rest of the month and year.

By continuing to cycle to work each day, my mileage is increasing well; tomorrow should see me pass the 200 mile mark for the month. I realised once home today that I had passed the 1000 mile marker for the year to date and thus am now over half way to my 2011 mile goal with over half the year to go, so despite some slackness in the efforts of February and March, I might be able to manage it even if the running percentage is much lower than I hoped. I also still have the hope of being able to complete 50 running miles for the month.

My foot felt reasonable today. I kept the strapping off all day and didn’t use any ibuprofen in a bid to gauge any swelling that might be there in an attempt to assess whether Crisis was still on for Thursday and if the Hamstreet 10k might be ok on Sunday.

The answer is definitely for Crisis; I got home and despite taking Cathy’s cat to the vet and running a bit late, I felt I had to test the foot instead of simply hoping it’d be ok on Thursday and popped out for a gentle mile before dinner. The result is positive – I put my “special” (needs) insoles into my New Balance shoes for the outing for a bit of foot therapy as I ran and all seems good. A little sore on the way out but nothing residual as I type. I’ll see how things feel tomorrow, do Crisis and feel out Hamstreet after that. No run planned for tomorrow, though.

My plan after that is to do 3 solid runs a week and head the mileage up to the target 50, hoping a good rest (like a normal running month, really) between outings will see me through. With the cycling taking the place of one run, I hope to continue the three runs strategy (albeit with longer outings) right up to the half marathon I hope to do in the autumn.

Losing the 100% rate for running doesn’t feel quite the disaster I thought it would. But the ride to work today was my hardest yet, for sure. Fatigue is setting in; every uphill was met with a gear change or three instead of a resolve to push harder on the pedals…if I carry on like today, I’ll be walking up them by next week, having run out of gears to go down!

I saw an owl on the way home today, too. That made a change from sheep and swans. The same stretch saw a heron the other week so maybe it’s wildlife diversity month for the Kent/East Sussex border area.

Last normal day of blogging tomorrow…I may sneak an early half blog in on Thursday before Crisis or I’ll have to skip one until Friday. Ah…not just cramming in exercise in June but blog posts too.

Good, innit?!

1002.85 miles to go.

15.47 Juneathon running miles.

170.96 Juneathon cycling miles.