Daily Archives: June 11, 2011

A bit sore

Is it a sign of getting old or of being unfit or of overdoing it when, following a “recovery” run after an evening race, I wake up the following morning with legs as sore as when first running after years of slacking?

I’m hoping it’s the cumulative miles showing their heads above the parapet because I simply can’t put in the hours to get any fitter, can’t get any younger and, with the injuries hopefully behind me for a few weeks, need to be able to increase and maintain running miles without pain to allow a gradual improvement for the autumn half marathon I must begin thinking about training for.

That’s a nice phrase, though: “Begin thinking about training for”. I can begin to think for a heck of a long time when I put my mind to it. Maybe that’s the route to obesity, right there.

Anyway, with JogBlog sounding serious about the Hamstreet 10k tomorrow, I decided today would be a no run day. My legs are simply leaden weights with jeans hugging them and it’s now early evening with no mileage to show except the 11 mile cycle¬†ride to the paper shop and egg house this morning which I did at a very slow, easy tempo in an attempt to free things up. It didn’t do any harm but I fear a 10k personal worst will be more attractive tomorrow than trying to put up a spirited fight for a decent time. JB seems to be hovering around the 10.30 min/mile time at the moment so I don’t think I’ll try to pace her under the hour – that’ll wait for the autumn when her half marathons are out of the way and her legs are fresh and up for a fight so the excuse book is going to be well and truly open in an attempt to justify my slacking after the event.

But it’ll be nicer to do a local race than not (it’s only 4 miles away – I’m trying to talk her into cycling there and back) and I’m interested to see how the organisers will achieve their stated aim to provide a 10k route that is on local lanes, slightly undulating without being hilly to allow some fast times…it’s surrounded by either a bypass or hills so maybe there’s something to be learnt from local knowledge. Or it’ll turn out to be a hilly bastard which will crucify my legs yet again and make the cycle to work on Monday that bit more painful then it yet has been!

Hopefully I’ll find out and be able to report back tomorrow. Assuming there are places available on the day, of course.

*UPDATE* Despite “NiceWork” (the organisers) claiming the first time running of it, the speed and flatness, I’ve found “RunBritain” saying it’s the second year and hilly. Marvellous. Sore knees, tired legs and a slow pace it is to be then!

914.81 miles to go.

22.18 Juneathon running miles.

252.29 Juneathon cycling miles.