Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

Meat festival

Two of my Juneathon challenges are over and not complete now – after not running last week to preserve my foot, my full contingent of cycling commutes has today fallen by the wayside, the result of a 5.20 alarm call revealing a dark morning which, as I looked out of the landing window, proved to be caused by wind bending the trees right over and rain driving horizontally across the garden.

Despite my conscience screaming at me to cycle in anyway, I didn’t. My desire to be able to not hate the commute in the future, to not resent Juneathon for my own choices and to be able to do a decent day at work without being knackered by the headwind, soaked to the skin to the point of not being able to dry my clothes out fully before the journey home and for another half hour in bed won. I returned to bed, re-set the alarm and drove in.

With the windscreen wipers justifiably on all the way there, my conscience eased a bit; talking to Steve at work who drove his mile to work because the weather was so bad he couldn’t fac ehte cycle made my wimping out on 16 seem more sensible, even if it does mean I only have a 50 mile total running distance goal and exercising every day as the remaining Juneathon achievements I can aspire to.

In deference to the month tonight, however, I contemplated a run but have a sore-ish foot which wants another day of rest before being punished again (45th in the Hamstreet 10k result which, since I had no energy, ran it sensibly on tired legs after Crisis and stopped to help the runner in trouble (who’s made a full recovery, apparently) while others ran on makes me happy with the effort on the day. I like to think I’ll come in around half way up a field of runners so to be top quarter is pretty pleasing. It was won overall by the lady the marshalls were saying was absolutely on fire which makes a change.) so opted for a cycle outing to buy some food.

JB has arranged a week of outings so I have to fend for myself for three nights. My solution, apparently, is extreme. My return prompted the query “What, are you having a meat festival?”. I selected a portion of organic rib-eye steak, some meaty special pork sausages (cheap ones would lower the meat content, I guess, but sawdust does little for the flavour!) and some pasta with added bacon for a quick warm-up should I run late one of the evenings. Since I’ve had meat only about 20 times this year, I may as well make hay while the girlfrend’s out, I reckon.


The result was just over 7 miles on the pedals, though. The better result was a fight into the headwind on the way home that had me pissed off after three miles. 16 this morning into the same wind would probably have seen the bikes (all 4 of them, just in case…) in the free-ads before breakfast.

So not as good as hoped but…

901.41 miles to go.

28.37 Juneathon running miles.

259.5 Juneathon cycling miles.

To dip below 900 miles with over 6 months to go will be something of a milestone (150 miles a month seems somehow achievable, even in November and December). All other targets become a bonus.