Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

Chalk, cheese, steak and chips

With mushrooms and coleslaw.

The day started several times better than yesterday with a bright morning beckoning me onto the bike for a sunny, pleasant and thoroughly memorable cycle to work. Memorable for being quiet (no wind roar in my ears beyond that created by forward progress), having little traffic, being on relatively fresh legs (they were warmed up by 1.5 miles in which was nice) as well as being chilly enough to warrant a long sleeved top but warm enough that by the time my legs had warmed, so had the rest of my body.

Work was work. Bah.

The cycle home started slowly without being able to get into a rhythm through the town at all followed by a calm ride along the canal which made me wake up to the issue of a bit of cycle maintenance being needed in as much as I was noticing (have been for a few rides but have been too lazy to do anything about it) that as I veer around potholes and the like, the steering resists input then goes notchy and flops around the obstacle, then needs correction as though a cable is too tight around the steering head. A check revealed that the headset has indeed become notchy around the centre point. Probably a bit of play in the headset that I didn’t adjust out on building the bike up, I reckon – 10 minutes in the garage on returning home, a stripped set of bearings and a good looking at revealed nothing untoward and a good clean, grease and delicate re-assemble (along with lowering the bars on the stem half an inch – I set them slightly high when I built the bike to allow me to get used to the stretch and lay-down compared with my mountainbikes which are short in the top-tube; I’m used to it now and can, I reckon, set it closer to the racer ideal without causing undue pains. Tomorrow will tell and I can always put it back) has it working faultlessly again and I’ll monitor it more closely now to see if anything wants replacing.

Which made it around 6.30 when I decided a small run was in order which, much like Sunday’s outing, started out with legs unwilling to run, forced me to decide on a short loop home, but goaded me into something bigger after a mile when I’d warmed up and got my running legs on.

Unfortunately, the goading didn’t have any effect. I simply stuck to my plan, came home, cooked a simply meaty meal and have now watered the greenhouse, killed a million lilly beatles (how quickly do they breed and decimate a lilly bed? F-quick, that’s how!) and blogged.

Day done.

866.23 miles to go.

29.92 Juneathon running miles (a touch pathetic but my foot feels ok-ish still which is a result and half marathon training starts as Juneathon ends so I’ll enjoy the pathetic-ness while I’m able).

291.12 Juneathon cycling miles (which, after 14 days, is frankly ridiculous in contrast).