Daily Archives: June 18, 2011


The warm undertaking in the bath that I’m about to indulge in will be my third shower of the day in a manner of speaking.

The first was around 10.30 when I decided to run instead of cycle to the paper shop (I’m a bit over-cycled at the moment and fancy a change of activity; wonder why?). About 5 minutes before I wanted to go the heavens opened and, judging by the clouds coming in, would continue to open for the duration of the outing. I donned my rain jacket and rucksack to carry the paper home and left, undeterred.

The 1.75 miles there was wet, the wait inside as the woman in front bought her paper and 5 different lottery ticket types and then opted to pay by debit card was wet as I overheated in the jacket and my glasses steamed up and sweat started dripping off my nose onto the floor but as I stepped out the rain stopped, so the rucksack’s second compartment was utilised as a jacket stowage point and I started for home damp from the inside out but at least running into the sunshine.

Needless to say when JogBlog went out 10 minutes after I got home, the sun was beating down like one might expect on the nearest Saturday to the longest day we’ll experience this year.


So it came to pass that I fancied a bit more than a 3 mile outing, so around 4 o’clock I headed out again with the intention of around 4 miles and a loop in mind.

2 miles in and the sky darkened before drops started falling. Luckily I was near the only group of trees on the route, a classic country lane arch fully covering the road for around quarter of a mile and this was exactly how long the shower lasted for. Once I was out of the other side the wind had blown the clouds beyond me and it was again dry.

My route ended out at 4.7 miles so, along with the morning I’ve done an 8.2 mile running day and feel as fresh as I was this morning. My big toe is hurting a little as it used to 3 years ago but the main foot part is largely pain free so my 50 mile Juneathon target is still looking good. Which will be a progression since injury of 23 for April, 36 for May and 50 ish if I achieve it for June which is a steady climb and hopefully a good springboard for half marathon training. The best bit is being able to do 3 runs a week with no pain coming in. If the mileage grows a bit more, a decent half should be on the cards; I’ll be relying on a bit of cycling to replace one of the longer running outings for my endurance to keep impact minimal. As long as the rain keeps reasonable, one of the runs will be off road for the same purpose.

A positive outlook for a Saturday. Something must be wrong!

764.15 miles to go.

39.3 Juneathon running miles.

385.82 Juneathon cycling miles.

Update: In a world of numbers I just looked at my totals on RunningFreeOnline, clicked on the Juneathon group and for the first time ever clicked kilometers. Odd how coincidences occur and make symmetry – I happen to be on exactly 2000km for the year to date for both cycling and running combined. Very nice to see. I think I might dedicate my pint this evening to that very figure.

Now…into the shower.