Daily Archives: June 19, 2011

Running low

A challenging night gave not much sleep, which is a crying shame since I’m now more tired than I was on Friday and that was a low point for enthusiasm in itself. An early dinner, early chores and early to bed is the answer, I feel. Which means an early blog/check that the internet isn’t broken/shut down the computer.

Not much energy made searching for the problem with my car lights a pain; the problem is that the garage that do the MOT’s are sharks but the solution is harder. Last year, after 3 faultless years, when it came back from the MOT, a headlight bulb was out. Knowing they’re rough (the company insists we use them) I asked if anyone else on the firm had any problems and despite lots of nodding, nothing firm came from it. The problem with mine was that a 5 amp fuse had blown…considering the headlights run on 10 amp items, this isn’t surprising. I had suspicions of tampering (3 years on a fuse so under-rated is dubious; that it goes just after a service and MOT is concerning to me. My guess is a swapped fuse to gain a return visit, knowing most company drivers are too lazy to check such things). This year, surprise surprise, first time I turn the lights on after the service/MOT…nothing from the right lamp. Unfortunately the fuses are all ok this time; swapping the lamps gave the same result so the lamp unit is fine which means it’s a wiring fault that’s beyond my patience to sort when it’s someone else’s car, it was fine before it went in (odd that I was using it in the dark so close to the MOT in mid-summer but lucky nonetheless) and it’s clear to me it’ll be skullduggery to earn a visit, a few second’s work to allow a couple of hours on the bill. I’ll try to insist it goes somewhere decent but I know exactly what will happen. Ah, well. Good job I’ve got a bike.

The same energy made a trip shopping a chore; made finishing the ceiling decoration in the lounge less of a celebration than it might have been but didn’t stop me going for a Juneathon outing.

Fresh on the back of running yesterday, I went for another. Just a 2.6 mile loop but a refreshing, wake me up run to close out the most unrefreshing weekend I can remember.

To say I’m not ready to go to work tomorrow is an understatement on the scale of saying crack cocaine is a little bit moreish. Sure I’ll get there, mind.

761.54 miles to go.

41.91 Juneathon running miles.

385.82 Juneathon cycling miles.