Daily Archives: June 25, 2011

Tired, slow and worried

After a reasonably successful anniversary (I think I got away with buying the card unnoticed while wine was being consumed…) evening, sleep was much needed but I think I’ve only caught up on about half as much as I need.

My trip to the paper shop was followed by a detour to purchase eggs but instead of the egg house, I went to the local farm shop mainly because it’s closer. About 5 miles closer, in fact. Something my weary legs are appreciative of.

Thank all that’s clean for the rain on Monday – I shudder to think how tired I’d be if 5 cycles had been done.

A day of work on the lounge while the weather has been deciding what to do (mainly staying overcast but with huge temperature increase, it seems. It feels like a stormy pressure cooker outside) has been productive and completing the work on the lights allowed me to go for a gentle run to assess how bad the race might be tomorrow. It’s the Staplehurst 10k, apparently a flat race that will allow a pb or two.

Well not for me, it won’t!

Slow, heavy, lethargic and lucklustre begins the summary of how I feel. And hot. And that’s after just under a mile. The first quarter of which was executed at a little above walking pace. My first instinct is to pull out. My second is that since JB wants to go and there are no buses I’ll take her and wait at the finish. My third is that the 6 miles will take me over my 50 mile Juneathon target at least but a race entry fee isn’t value for money to just add on a few miles to a monthly total. My fourth is that maybe I should get as much sleep as possible, set off at an unmanageable speed and see how far I get before blowing up simply to assess a starting point for half marathon training in a week or so. But if one mile is impossible there seems little point blowing up after a similar distance just to prove a point and make myself depressed.

And if it’s hot as forecast, all plans might blow out of the window anyway. I guess I’ll just go along and plod around in a fashion dictated by my mood on the day. Just like normal, then.

626.33 miles to go.

43.98 Juneathon running miles.

518.94 Juneathon cycling miles

Which means that if I run the 6 miles tomorrow, one more cycling commute next week will take me to 600 miles total for the month. Crikey…April felt far and that was half the month this is turning out to be.