A reprieve was granted this morning for, despite waking up at 7am and getting up to get ready for the Staplehurst 10k, when I woke JB to ask if she was getting up she said no, and if I didn’t want to go we wouldn’t.

Enough said (I’d woken up midway through the night with a sasm of cramp in my right calf and, despite catching it early and giving it a good massage it still felt a bit tight); I immediately went and checked the tyre pressures on the motorbike before realising that a slight drizzle was falling so I got out some tools and started trimming the hedge instead before taking the bike out once it brightened up a bit, then mowing the lawn, then going for a little shopping.

I realised as I started clipping the hedge (when the landlord opposite says the hedge wants tidying, that just about makes it due, I feel) that it would probably be more sensible to get a run done early before the temperature rises but I ignored myself and continued on my way. And now, having run in the heat of the afternoon and realising just what a cracking temperature it is, I wonder if the race would have been such a bad thing!

Cathy donated me a white Brooks top she doesn’t like yesterday because it’s too big for her, unisex and has a high collar. It’s not exactly the most flattering fit on me (especially not in my skinny-as-I-am at the moment shape [Juneathon’s end will see weights being used again as long as the conservatory isn’t 300 degrees every evening]) but it’s white and all my other tops are dark so in the sunshine it was deemed perfect.

A little loop of the local lanes and half the housing estate was decided on and it went rather well, all told. Nothing went wrong, I got a bit hot and tried to looosen the high necked garment around the 2 mile mark but a short outing was enjoyed with a decision that leaving 2.5 miles to complete in the week would give me a running target to finish Juneathon on.

There’s a plan for the Ashford 5k to be entered on Friday (Juneathon not enough? Enter a race the day after. Still not enough? Enter a dragon boat race in Dover harbour the day after that. I will have a rest day. Sometime.) and a mile on Thursday after the final cycle (assuming it isn’t raining) might help get the spinning out of my legs.

A Friday has never before been so enthusiastically looked upon.

622.74 miles to go.

47.57 Juneathon running miles.

518.94 Juneathon cycling miles.

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