Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

Improvement over time

This has been another blog that simply won’t flow off the keyboard. Maybe this is related to the fact that last night was a bt late to bed following a trip to Ashford to see JB’s story being acted out. All very exciting, and viewable for everyone here.

Go on, have a look. It’s really quite okay!

I have an idea what I want to write but no structure will form to the words that makes it flow in any readable way.

My running endeavour today was a return to hill repeats on the road we made in Rye (I say “we made” – I mean that I managed, ordered in materials for, set-out, made design decisions where necessary and co-ordinated in with the highways authority along with our structural engineers while the groundworkers and tarmacers did the physical get it on the ground bits).

For those not familiar with my outings, it’s a pyramid series of shuttle runs starting at the bottomĀ of the hill (after a warm up from the top) with a 50m sprint up followed by a jog back down, continuing through 100m, 150m, 200m and 250m legs before shortening the legs through the same 200m, 150m, 100m and 50m runs. The steepest bit is from 125 to 250m at a steady 1 in 11 incline.

And it hurts.

The theory, as with most interval sessions, is that no matter how fit I get, the effort will never diminish beacuse I’ll simply be able to push harder for longer. The restrictor is generally motivation and the self-preserving instinct to not hurt myself. Tonight this was eased by the presence of Spencer, my finishing foreman. Nothing like someone else there to assist in pushing oneself harder, I feel.

And tonight I pushed myself harder than the last outings. My overall time is flattered by the speed I was able to maintain on the jogs back down as I recovered a bit – if speed of recovery is fitness then I’m doing ok. But the intervals aren’t bad either, all being consistently higher with the 100m uphill coming in at below 6 minute per mile pace. The first 50m outing is the most disappointing, clearly well before I hit my stride, with the first 200m hit being 6.07 average which, with the hardest bit of hill included, is pretty bloody satisfying.

Only 1.7 odd miles, but a hard outing and very different from just plodding around the lanes. Fair play to Spencer – he kept at it through the session and had a good sprint even in the last 50m with his first 50 beingĀ  the equal of mine in every respect. I guess he’ll be beating me in a few weeks if we stick at it, being the youth he is!

So a good run and a bad blog. I’ll have to be happy enough with that, I guess.

452.64 miles to go.