I’ll slow down soon

SportTracks is a wonderful thing. Much as I love RunningFreeOnline, my long term activity tracker encourages me so much, it’s almost like it’s pushing me along.

Today was a return to my hill repeats but with an extra 500m as a warm down tacked onto the end – basically a jog up and back down the hill to empty my legs. The first 50m sprint saw me with a badly hurting buttock which I massaged out on the jog back down, the last 150m sprint gave me a bit of a jolt in my left thigh. I wanted to try and lose them before I left for home. The thigh’s still an ounce tight, hopefully more stretching will cure it.

Upon returning home I uploaded the run onto SportTracks and then compared the relative splits to my other repeat sessions. The tally shows that the final 50m was 1 second slower than last week but otherwise it’s the fastest I’ve ever covered all the splits. A poor slowing down was experienced last November but generally, the trend on the same course, same road, same intervals is of a good improvement overall both in splits and overall duration of the session, showing a similar improvement in speed down the hill while recovering but still allowing faster times.

Which is nice but, with last week also being quick, I fear dejection next time I slow down (which is likely to be next week, the Tuesday and Wednesday night already being booked out). Still, improvement is good and it’s not as if I’ll ever challenge for any proper fast times or anything, but against myself, I feel improvement as I age is a surprising thing.

More cycling is on the wish list but I’d like some half decent weather to enjoy it in, really, so fingers crossed that something turns up soon.

432.02 miles to go.

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