Sprightly Shopping

Getting home slightly earlier than normal transferred, slightly irritatingly, into a later than usual run for reasons that involve a tree surgeon coming to give me an estimate for felling the willow that suffered dramatic leaf drop last summer and has never recovered as well as offering advice on the two pear and plum trees that are oversailing neighbourly fences instead of providing fruit within reach for harvest.

The wait and meet was worthwhile – I should have a reasonably priced, much reduced in height willow in a couple of weeks. If it ever recvers it’ll be manageable. If it doesn’t, it’ll provide good habitat for bugs and that and be fell-able by me for firewood when stocks run short. Bonus.

But the late run wasn’t needed, so I set of at an easy and reasonable pace (8.33/mile for the first, uphill, quarter mile) until I realised I was running out of evening and had better get going to buy some food and do some cooking.

Without realising I’d raised my game quite so much, four of the split quarter miles heading towards The Enterprising Scum Corner Otters were well below 7 minutes per mile which surprises as much as pleases me since I simply didn’t put that much effort in. It was an easy run at (at least what would, a year ago have been) a quick pace. But quick isn’t 7 minute miles any more, I guess. While I can’t sustain the speed for ever, my pace has naturally shifted up again as the summer has worn on. Sean Audiofuel asked if I had a sub 20 minute 5k in me after my last race. My immediate response is a natural no. A year ago I was happy with 6.30 as an individual mile pace. 6.27 for 5k seems impossible. But with a non-hurried quarter split quicker than that in a mid-week normal run then maybe with a good rest, some decent sleep, some luck and a bit of determination, it is possible after all.

Having everything come together for a race is unlikely, I’ll admit. But in just over a week, I might just have a pop at a swift race time on my way to a half marathon training schedule that probably frowns upon such fun. Good job I have as little idea of a schedule as I do how many weeks there are until the race I’m training for.

I’m enjoying running this summer.

387.15 miles to go.

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