A while

Yep, that’s what it’s been since my last update. I blame a week off and lots to do rather than laziness or not actually running, so a quick catch-up is in order.

A week ago Saturday was the start of my week off and commenced with an 8 mile outing which, with hindsight, may have been a bit ambitious. I set off an hour and a half before I was expecting my brother to arrive so we could leave to go to my other brother’s stag-do. Nothing like a deadline to get the legs working and keep the motivation up. Also, nothing like a pushed pace as a longest run since breaking my leg to see if anything is playing up.

And ever since getting back, shooting at some clays (note the word “at” there? There is a reason and that reason is 12 of the buggers getting past me. Bah), sitting in a pub and anything else that the week has brought, my left foot has been stiff. Not badly painful but oddly awkward – curl my toes and the achilles hurts; rotate it about and the ankle smarts; stretch it forwards and the whole thing is sore.

Monday saw a 15 mile cycle outing which was fun, quick and pleasant.

Tuesday had a jog out for 3 miles to see if the foot could take it and the simple answer was yes. The more complicated reply stated that it hurt a bit all the way around and all the soreness remained through the rest of the week. Neither better nor worse, it just nagged on all the time.

Friday was a 30 mile cycle to my parents to deliver mum’s birthday present which loosened my legs a treat before the wedding on Saturday almost made me miss Sunday’s run altogether, such was my lack of enthusiasm for all things athletic (excluding a bit of joinery for the lounge cupboard and a lawn mowing session) but the threat of lard got the better of me and I capitulated with a 5 o’clock outing to pop in 8.6 miles of extended loop to see how the foot was.

A much slower pace was forced (mildly cocked up by a sprint to avoid a pikey dog on my favourite road – but since this dog was the opposite end to the normal pikey dog end, maybe favourite roads are over-rated! The mile was kept steady on my virtual partner, but 12 seconds quicker owing to the sprint. Bloody dogs with open gates and owners who can’t control them. Rant over.) and things seemed reasonable but this morning saw a return to stiffness all around my left foot, ankle and achilles. Something is playing up and stretching it in all directions, rotating it to extremes and all sorts of anything seems to find a pain point and not increase things beyond mildly uncomfortable, but I wonder what I can do to relieve it and bring normality back.

Time will tell. Use at work today has brought no increase in discomfort, so hopefully a continued slowing of pace for a couple of outings will bring good things. If not, another podiatry outing may be in order.

All have been good outings, though, so I’ll not grumble too much. Another 4 mile short trot is planned for tomorrow. Will see how things feel after that and before intervals on Thursday ruin me completely.

317.38 miles to go.


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