Daily Archives: August 9, 2011

A different challenge

Having decided that my foot just hurts now, I have also decided that my training can continue much as it did.

Pain has neither intensified nor eased, it’s just there. I decided at one point today that it wasn’t hurting too badly. I then scrunched my toes up mid pace during a stroll from the site back towards the site office and had such a wince of pain that I missed the next step altogether, nearly falling over in the process.

The answer? Don’t scrunch toes mid step. Simple. It shouldn’t hurt, I grant you, but if it does then ignore it and don’t look down. What you can’t see can’t hurt you, I believe was the very accurate and good mantra a couple of hundred years ago. I’ll stick with that.

So just as I was leaving work, my assistant who’s doing the hill repeats with me and is football training like fury announced that tonight was his monthly speed trial. He was so annoyed at his last run with the club (they do a 1.5 mile race to see how quick they’ve got) it started him off with the hills. My promise to him, having heard he was nervous about the challenge ahead, was that whatever pace he set for his 1.5 miles I would match for my planned 4 miles. I was going to go for a sensible recovery after Sunday’s late 8.5 miles but to hell with it. Ilikeachallenge.

So at 6.45 he dutifully texted me that he’d managed 7 minute 30 seconds average pace. At well under 12 minutes (my statement that he’d easily beat 12 minutes based on his 1.76 mile speed on the hill pyramid I set out¬†proved good. Another month and I reckon another minute will come off. Then he’ll slow in improvement but he’s young, so soon he’ll be beating me just like all of them.), I hope he’s delighted with his improvement.

At 7.30 target average, my 4 miler wasn’t exactly going to be an easy recovery jog.

But the Garmin virtual partner was set, my route included a visit to That Evil Supermarket Creates Offal to buy some lemon juice for jam making (plums in full effect…can’t eat as many as the tree drops so jam it is. JB isn’t patient enough to wait for wine to ferment for a year, I don’t think. Might try it soon, though) and off I trotted.

The mental effort of the first half mile to actually run at a pace was harder than the effort required but after the stop, everything sorted itself out and an easy plod was settled into. As many sections of grass verge as possible were used to allow stride lengthening and footfall easement in deference to the painful foot/ankle combination but generally a fun time was had.

The loop heading onto the lanes after 8.30 in rapidly¬†failing light was a touch frustrating and worrying but little traffic saw me safely home with 16 seconds to spare on target. Plenty more in the tank, looser calves than when I set out and no more pain in the foot than as I left, so hopefully all’s heading for improvement.

So long as the aching doesn’t increase after a night in bed, I’ll be a happy man. Hills on Thursday might make me less so, but hey. The route to a half marathon isn’t always easy.

313.18 miles to go.