Having failed to get home early/do enough in the garden promptly/organise my life efficiently enough (delete as applicable…unfortunately all apply) last night, it was raining and dark by the time I got around to going out on the bike for another Monday interval session so instead I did a bit on the rowing machine. And hated every second of it. How one arse can hurt so much after such a short period of time, I’ll never work out. Ah, well. It got my heart pumping.

Today was a different kettle of hot fatty potatoes, though. The drowning I got this morning (site jacket so badly leaking, boots so full of water, everything wet through by 8.15 and drying out all day) meant gardening wasn’t really on the cards, so the big decision was whether to run immediately I got in or go after dinner.

Cathy likes to eat early-ish, which suits me perfectly. Unless the evenings are drawing in and I fancy a run on the unlit country lanes. Cathy also seems to know that I will attempt an outing on the lanes even when visibility should dictate otherwise. A winter full of housing estate runs fills me with dread; lanes are what I love whenever I am able. So an outing before eating was agreed upon.

And for a twist, Audiofuel‘s Martin Yelling intervals were decided upon to assist me in my 5 mile endeavour.

As has become customary, I’m always about 25 years out of date with running music and this was the first time I’d used this session. 3 minute intervals leading up to 180bpm don’t seem good with a few slopes on the route I’d chosen (just under 5 miles…I hoped to come in just short of the final 180 repeat!) but I fancied a change/challenge/laugh, so off I set.

The talking bit of the intro was ignored while I got a Garmin signal; frustratingly I didn’t think to use the intervals as laps to allow a reference for progress. Next time, I will. The 150bpm warm up took me up my first hill away from home and got the heel/foot working properly.

Oddly for an early evening run, I saw three other groups of runners while out. Frustratingly for me, all of them appeared while I was well stuck into the intervals so looking a right knackered mess, but also they coincided with the 150bpm recoveries. So all they saw was a short bloke with long hair making hard work of an easy pace, sweating like a fool, slowly plodding along with nothing to show for the effort. Sadly they missed the half mile at as close to 6 minute miles as I care for while doing the 180bpm interval up a slope as well as the 6.40 pace half miles I did through each of the 170bpm bits. The consistency of the bits is pretty good, I reckon…all I am annoyed about is the seeming impossibility of the pace I want for my half.

I know tonight was a run after work with no dinner, no taper and at interval pace. But…I also know I need to do something like 165bpm for 13 miles with long strides to achieve my goal and that doesn’t factor in the pesky hill near the finish.

I’m going to stop worrying about my hoped for time now. What I run will be what I run. I’ll do my best. To hell with targets.

The nicest result of the intervals, also coincided with the frustration of the slopes, though. For while I seemed to hit every fast bit with an uphill, I also managed to coincide the last floaty 150bpm recovery finish with the arrival on my drive, thus alleviating the pain of the final 180bpm push. I know in true training style I should have stayed out for 5 minutes longer but I am slack…5 miles was my target, 4.76 was achieved and some fun was had.

I’ll leave the final 180 for next week. Because yes, I will repeat the performance. On the same route. With laps added to the intervals on the Garmin to allow assessment. Not of progress, for I’ll run out of evening light to continue to do so. But for deterioration measure when my training drops off over the winter and I get to see how much work I have to do to get back to where I am now.

I think it’s all good. I’ll see how heavy my legs feel tomorrow.

255.11 miles to go.

One response to “Cheese!

  1. Someone really needs to invent a top with a large neon display to tell passers that you’ve run intervals / thirteen miles already / every day of the month so far. It would sell like hot cakes.

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