From a very promising start, the month of August ended on a bit of a slow note.

I retired from running for my mid-week outings having gone for a cycle ride on Monday while feeling as though a cold or something was on the way (which resulted in lots of effort for very little reward), only to be welcomed on Tuesday by a head full of cold, a heavy chest and aching back.

This persisted throughout the week, plus or minus an aching head, but yesterday I felt good enough to set out for a plod.

It wasn’t fun, I had little spring in my step, my breathing was odd – not laboured but not very efficient either and I had no stamina for the outing. My planned 12 miles was adjusted to 9 which, having got out of the door, was re-adjusted to about 7 depending on just how far the loop I chose was.

It was in fact 6.5 which I considered a bit too short despite feeling rough (less than half race distance isn’t much cop, I feel, allowing for the issue that if I feel as rough on race day I won’t give up so may as well get on with learning how to run while ailing), so I looped around the local lanes which add a mile leading me to 7.6 miles total.

I arrived home hot and chesty with very heavy legs which makes me wonder how they tie up so fast when I don’t run regularly these days. It used to take about two weeks of non-running before I’d have any ill effects to a jog. Now it seems to be about three days. Today, my calves feel tight and my thighs just heavy. Constant showers have ruled out a proper bike ride but a quick trip on the BMX to buy some flour seems to have eased things a touch, so hopefully I’ll be ok for an outing tomorrow.

221.82 miles to go.

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