Ticking along

Wondering whether I’ll pop out for a social gathering on Thursday has also tied in rather well with a plan to partake in the last of the three Ashford Summer 5k series races on Friday, so altered running days will continue for the week at least and may just tie in with the race schedule, too.

My run on Saturday left me with amazingly tight calves and I set off this evening for a 5 mile outing to ease some life back into them, I hope, to allow a return to normal for the end of the week. Tomorrow is normal run day but this has now been done already so, if things go well, I’ll do my hill repeats on Wednesday instead of Thursday (and looking at the weather forecast I might do well not planning a run tomorrow night anyway), might pop to the pub for an ex-colleague’s leaving do on Thursday (but might not, it’ll depend on how tired I feel now, as well as how inclined I feel to be ignored by the people I used to be ignored by when I worked there as well as how well I can hold my tongue towards the fools who always assemble at such events. And they’re just the ones I consider friends…) but will certainly make the effort for the last race of the summer series on Friday to see if I can improve on July’s race time.

Which, if my current aching legs and return from cold are anything to go by, I have no chance of doing. At 20.44 I’m not entirely sure I can do much with it, despite believing I have a hugely sub 20 in me somewhere…I just need to feel right to get it out, as it were! But I’ll not find out without turning up.

The run tonight was a slow start on, as I say, aching legs. All sorts of odd twinges befell me on the run up the hill from home – left shin felt as though it might crack, followed by right calf feeling like it’d ping from the attachment points, followed by left heel/achilles feeling like it wanted to spling, followed by right shoulder rolling painfully in the socket. I think I’m falling apart. But by 2 miles in, all aches had eased and I was running easliy.

Not fast but easy. I had no spring in my step at all and little air in my lungs, so a plod that swapped between forefoot, heel-strike and anything in between was employed to see me home in happy fashion. The odd thing is that, over the last few weeks, my pace that always settled at 8.12 per mile as default when things hurt/needed to be slow/needed to go far has now settled at 7.41. Whenever I ignore the devil on my wrist Garmin completely, I find myself running at 7.41. Great for half marathon pb target but slow for hopeful new half marathon pace.

Hopefully the rest of the cold that must still be in my lungs and limbs will out itself before the week progresses from here and I can see if, over the next 3 weeks, the potential I want is something I can put into race times.

216.67 miles to go.

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