Daily Archives: September 11, 2011

Like a metronome

Which, in my opinion, is massively prefereable to being like any other sort of gnome.

My odd not-really-a-training-schedule thing for the Folkestone half left me with the desire to click in my final long run this week and I was apprehensive to over stretch myself after the effort of Friday evening but eager to remove the weight of knowing I had a run to do from my shoulders.

The result was an outing this morning before the threat of awful weather hits which made the heavy shower I got caught in between 5 and 7 miles all the more frustrating, especially considering it was so local that home saw not a drop of the wet stuff.

A large loop was done, though, with slightly sore calves from the off, little spring in my step and a Garmin set for 7.50 target pace and an intention to stick as closely to it as I could. Splits? Possibly my best ever set which, if nothing else, must say I wasn’t struggling in the slightest despite sections being uphill and all sorts. For the record, they were (all preceeded by a 7.) 43; 44; 43; 45; 45; 45; 47; 42; 48; 36; 44; 44. The 36 was a direct result of being passed by a car which proceeded to slow down and display hazard warning lights…a couple of seconds later and I realised it was a bloke from work saying hello. Odd how such an event can take the mind off the job in hand and have such an effect on something like pace for such a split.

The legs feel a bit tired now, though, so a good few stretches before they stiffen up might well be in order.

189.91 miles to go.