At a loss

An odd week for exercise seems to have ocurred and it’s still not quite over.

Since my 12 miles at the weekend I went for a run on Tuesday with the intention of using Audiofuel’s Pyramid 180 Max as a soundtrack and inspiration. Unfortunately somewhere between pulling on my running top and heading out of the door I decided to don a rucksack and plod around for 3 miles with the incorporation of a milk/bread roll/scone purchase.

A bit of a change in direction, but that’s how my will took me and with my intention to enjoy my runs, it’s what I went with.

2 miles of happy running fell apart after the shop when my running legs failed to stay with me and a plod home was endured to dissipate my merriment.

Last night brought on a desire to make my lungs hurt so my road bike was urged into action for a spot of time trialiing around the local dual carriageway but all my attempts at pace were thwarted by more traffic at every junction than I’ve ever seen. The bits in between were ace but every roundabout was a frustration. More so for the VW Polo who started to pull away next to me by Asda, though, and only succeeded in dropping something large from the bottom of his engine with a loud “clonk”. It’s odd how accurate “clonk” is to the noise his car made…simply half a forward lurch, a brief rattle and a harsh clonk. For my last two laps, the traffic was becoming confused by his location just on the roundabout, hazard flashers winking, but at least I could scurry inside him. Quite expensive, I’m sure.

Lungs burst, however, and I felt satisfied.

Tonight was going to be a hill session but a girlfriend appealing for a lift to the station combined with work frustrations lowering will to live to critical levels meant coming home with the intention of an outing tomorrow. Might be a good way to let go of work for a week of enjoying myself around the house before the half.

176.12 miles to go.

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