Daily Archives: September 20, 2011

Two for one

Laziness has prevented me from blogging Saturday’s run, to be fair. I was all kitted up in the morning before I found out my Garmin had completely discharged itself and I was left with the decision to put it on charge and run without it or wait until it had enough life for an hour and a half of use. Cathy says runs don’t count unless they’re on the Garmin, so that option was out, and as soon as it was on charge the heavens opened and encouraged me to put the outing off for a couple of hours in the hope of drier weather.

It turned out to be the right option. JB got soaked, I stayed dry and heading off at about 4 o’clock made sense after all.

I got bored around 3.5 miles, though. I’d set myself the sensible goal of maintaining a steady, reasonable pace. Into the wind down Long Length and Tally Ho Road I wasn’t struggling exactly but it was harder than it should have been and may well be a similar struggle to the race on Sunday if the wind’s up along the seafront.

I think that’s what transpired to encourage the boredom and desire to play. 3.5 miles is where my route takes me into the woods around Shadoxhurst. It’s also where the few little lumps in the profile exist. Running up one of these (but not in the wind now, due to hedges and trees), I increased tempo until I felt happy but quick…basically where I thought I could maintain the pace forever (or for 13 miles at least) to guess a race pace target.

Then a few yards later realised I could lap-time myself for a mile and see how it felt as well as getting a good average pace.

So I did.

3.64 to 4.64 miles was outed in spot on 7 minutes. No virtual partner to pull myself along to, just a steady pushing pace and my breathing to respond to. Analysing it at home, it was dead steady for each quarter mile split, too, so I think it’s a realistic target.

Certainly more so than when I did the same exercise between 7.5 and 8.5 miles. With the “recovery” miles settling in at 7.19, 7.29 and 7.38 per mile, I again wondered how much more slowly I’d run, so instantly hit the lap timer again and paced myself for another mile.

This time I felt a touch more tired, the mile seemed further, but the average pace was 6.50 somehow. The good thing is that my legs felt wasted and my breathing erratic to say the least. With no food intake or anything, it’s to be expected, but I reckon the 1.30 half marathon time is merely a dream so I won’t go chasing it and do mysef an injury. That can wait until next year, even if it is yet another of my year targets down the tubes.

Today was merely a gentle 4 miler to keep my legs working which is exactly what it did. a mix of lane and housing estate with an added light shower half way around. I was simply pleased to knock the last outing off with little worry of damage to my limbs.

Now it’s all down to hope that Sunday dawns fine and not too breezy. It might be a fun outing.

161.26 miles to go.