Like a pair of old slippers

As the summer has slipped away, so too have my trainers. Bought in April as my injuries from Janathon eased to welcome in a new season and to assist the repair of my battered lower limbs, they are pretty close to being properly worn out.

I’d not tried Adidas before but they just felt right when I tried them on and, after 350 odd miles of running with not a hint of an injury and with my pace increasing by about half a minute a mile on average, I’ve grown to love them. Adizero Tempo 4’s have found such respect that I’m about to buy another pair just in case they change them and I find myself regretting not getting some more.

But I also fancied something a little plusher for the winter months. As good as they are, being able to see straight through them doesn’t bode well for winter comfort either from wind or splashing from wet pavements. So being offered some running shoes for review on here couldn’t have been more timely. And the fact that one of the shoes offered was an Adidas Solution (similar tech specs to my beloved Tempo 4’s but with more tread depth, more cushioning and more body) was simply perfect.

Now I don’t get excited by much nowadays but getting out for a run in these was exciting me. Sad, really, but true.

I did a family tree comparison on the scales before even trying them on and didn’t know what to expect. They weighed in at 380 grammes. My Adizeros are 286. 100g is a lot to lift when done several thousand times over a run, so I was expecting slow. But then I compared Cathy’s Adizero Adios racing shoes…and flipping heck as like! They’re a mere 189 grammes. Another 100 lighter! But I wonder how long I’d last in a pair before injury?

So I slipped on the Solutions and boy was I happy. Instant familiarity of the Tempos but with a more cushioned feel, practically hugging my feet and telling them they’d be fine. Having tried New Balance, Asics, Nike, Reebok and Saucony throughout my running only the Asics Cumulus 10’s have come close to the immediate feeling of security. My soft spot for Asics was lost with the Cumulus 11’s not feeling as good (as well as breaking my leg in my pair!); Nike’s Pegasus were good for a few pairs but they felt worse after my pair 4 years ago. Adidas seem to have found my foot shape so, if nothing else, I guess it’s good to be a brand whore and try loads out. After all, over the course of a few years it’s amazing how many get put through their paces.

And so to my inaugural run. Expecting the plushness to take away some pace, I was surprised that my first mile came in at 6.53. The rubbish Rye route I selected ran out of street lighting at 1.63 miles so the second mile at 6.59 was more of a shock, especially since my breathing was very easy and the pace felt easy. Two miles incorporating a road crossing with traffic as well as half a mile uphill slowed the overall pace to 7.08 but, on this evidence, the shoes haven’t slowed me considerably if at all. But then I did miss my weekend longer run, so the muscles are a bit fresher than usual.

Suffice to say I’m still excited to put some more miles on them than I have and that that will happen over the coming evenings.

I just have to decide when to wear my beloved Tempo 4’s to treat my feet to some light therapy.

63.35 miles to go.


2 responses to “Like a pair of old slippers

  1. Glad to hear your running is going well. I’ve seen a few people mentioning in their blogs recently about receiving test shoes, why are the manufacturers so forthcoming lately? I have adidas trail shoes, but I find even half size up is really quite tight, their sizing doesn’t seem to suit me.

    • I wasn’t going to question why, simply try some more shoes and enjoy the variety! The cricketer at work can’t get on with Adidas, either. Almost makes me feel like the odd one out!

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