A run of two paces

I got a bit distressed over the weekend that I appear to have been wearing myself out with the running so successfully that it’s around two years since I’ve had a fully focused few months of exercise involving weights. I’m aware that my weight has dropped and that my arms resemble pipe cleaners but my strength hasn’t actually dropped much, I’ve simply lost muscle mass.

The distress was there, though, so I promised that a more rounded attitude to training is needed. And it started yesterday. Over the winter I have promised that I’ll run three times a week (whenever possible), cycle at least once and weight train (not massive weight, minimum reps bulk gaining weight stuff; more medium weight high reps to help overall fitness without binding up) twice. With the winter evenings, this’ll do I think. One weekday evening off (probably a Friday) but a target of half an hour of things each of the other evenings.

So yesterday I did weights.

And today, I mostly did those “crikey, it’s ages since I felt muscle tiredness like this” stretches that a good bout of throwing a barbell around the conservatory induces.

Which didn’t entice me out for a run. Nope; what did that was my idea that having run on Saturday, I could do Monday and Wednesday without a problem and front-load the week with targets achieved.

Not really liking Rye as a destination to run around in the evenings, I did my down into the town jog (the first unintentional pace of the night) followed by my run along the busy bit before heading uphill towards Playden until the Garmin showed two miles bit. The average pace for this mile was slower than the first, mainly due to the uphill of the Playden road. 0.2 miles of it (I happened to look at the Garmin as it clicked onto 1.8 miles) consuming 274 paces (I like to count!), several of which were spent concentrating on the screen of the Garmin to see it click exactly onto 2 miles for the experiment. Not good for pacing, I fear! And boy were those 274 paces hard come by.

The return leg, however, saw the next mile within 4 seconds of the first before the last mile (including half a mile of more gentle uphill to the site office) returned to within 6 seconds of mile 2 pace.

All pace setting unintentional. I merely ran comfortably and that’s how it worked out.

Along with a nagging soreness from my chest following the weights.

But despite the drizzle and the averageness of the route, I nearly enjoyed it. I’m almost in love with my trainers, I’m afraid to say – simply never had such comfortable, easy, simple to get along with footwear in my life, and that helps. But I can see a struggle coming along when the weather turns really nasty – Rye simply doesn’t lure me out at the moment, so a drive home will be a true test of my desire to head out for an evening jog before too long.

51.08 miles to go.


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